Playlist Dec 16 2016
Keko Yoma
Manicero F.C.
Keko Yoma is a 4-piece band from Santiago, Chile who combine rock, ska, Latin rhythms, comedy theater and several typical American and Australian instruments. This combination is wild, crazy and very much fun.
David Folsom ft. DeAnna DeBow Osborne
David Folsom lives in Nashville and comes from Washington. At the age of 13 he started writing songs. In 1987 he released his first single, titled "The Richest Man Alive". Nowadays he is still writing and producing music.
Apryl Evans
Stripped down
Apryl Evans is a country artist from Asbury Park, New Jersey, US. In 2012 she released the "Things You Left Behind EP", recorded in the Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. In September 2014 she released her latest single, "The Sound of Boots".
Au noir
DieselKass is a project from Poland that combines acoustic sounds with electronics and samples of sounds, mixing various influences. Their genre is a mix of electro, rock, pop, trip hop, alternative, cinematic and even disco.
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson is a 19-years old indie pop singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. Currently she is attending Dallas Baptist University as a music major. Last year she released her debut EP "Love Stuck", this autumn she has released her single "Fine".
Arda & The Stolen Moon
Never again
Arda & The Stolen Moon is the project of Cypriot singer-songwriter Arda G. So far she has played in small clubs as a solo performer, her songs accompanied on acoustic guitar. This year she has released a debut album, titled "Minutes Into Years".
Gayle Skidmore
Singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore comes from California and lives in the Netherlands. She can play over 20 instruments and has written over 2000 songs. Her album "Sleeping Bear" was nominated for best pop album in the "2014 San Diego Music Awards".
Song of the Week
Өвөлжөө (Mongolian version of Banquet)
Magnolian is the project of indie-folk singer-songwriter Dulguun Bayasgalan from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This year he has released his debut EP, "Famous Men". One song on the EP is in Mongolian, all the other songs are in English.
Trinity Yard
Trinity Yard is the indie, rock and electronic project of Lionardo Mendonça and Igor Danilovic from Zürich in Switzerland.
Yossarian Malewski
IKB foam
Yossarian Malewski is a composer, musician, filmmaker and storyteller from Warsaw, Poland. His genres are a mix of classical, jazz, illustrative music, experimental and ambient. He was the guitarist, pianist and clarinetist in rock band Red Point.
Christer Holm
The islands of Ixion
Christer Holm from Espoo in Finland is a computer specialist by day and in his spare time he composes instrumental music. His debut album is titled "Galactic Voyages". Currently Christer is working on his second album, titled "Galactic Voyages 2".
Leaving Richmond
Freezing light
Leaving Richmond is the ambient, atmospheric rock music project of instrumental composer and producer, Jordan Pier from LA, started in 2007. Jordan combines real and electronic instruments in his music. In January 2017 we can expect a new album.
Maitreya ft. Hera
Maitreya is from New Zealand and began his career in 1995 as a founding member of live hip hop band Nilstate in Christchurch. He released 2 albums: "Close To Home" in 2008 and "ĀIO" in 2015. In 2010 he released an EP in Māori: "Te Puna Reka".
I have the flu for some days already. It was not easy, but I managed to record a new programme for this week.

In this week's edition I will mainly play you relaxed music. We will end with hip-hop from New Zealand and start with a mix of rock, ska and Latin rhythms by a band from Chile. I will also announce some upcoming shows you might like to visit.

We have a clear Song of the Week winner this week, an artist who had not won before. His fans supported him with an avalanche of votes. You will hear who that is some time half way the programme.
Song of the Week
Өвөлжөө (Mongolian version of Banquet)
Magnolian is the project of indie folk singer-songwriter Dulguun Bayasgalan from Mongolia. In June 2015, Magnolian performed as the only solo act at Playtime Festival, the biggest music festival in Mongolia. In September the same year he released his first single, Someday, which features his girlfriend, Enkhjin Batjargal on vocals. The single became a local alternative hit and entered the national top 20 music charts.

In June 2016 Magnolian released his debut EP Famous Men, with The Dream of a Ridiculous Man as the first single taken from the EP (music video). The single triggered a lot of interest for his EP, entered the Mongolian music charts and has been receiving a lot of airplay.

Magnolian played his first international show last October at one of South Korea's largest music festivals, Zandari Festa.

This week's winning song, Өвөлжөө, appears on the EP in two language versions, in Mongolian and English (Banquet). The video for the Mongolian version is TalentCast Videoclip of the Month for December.

Magnolian's EP Famous Men can be purchased as a download on Bandcamp (only the songs in English). The physical CD with all the tracks can be ordered internationally from Hi-Fi Online Store.

Website of Magnolian
Charts Dec 16 2016
Өвөлжөө (Mongolian version of Banquet)
The Strands
Love is on the line
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Even close
Rock City Seven
All went down
Daniel Ward-Murphy