Playlist May 26 2017
Getting higher
Moarn is a solo project, based in Barcelona (Spain). The music is a blend of electronic, downtempo and chill-out. He recruits guest vocalists for his recordings.
Merlot Embargo
Billy the kid
Merlot Embargo the indie, Americana, soul and pop duo of Scarlet and Geoff from LA. They produce and record in their home studio, and perform in the southern California area. They use different real instruments and bits of junk to create their sound.
Te wo tataku
Tidanomiyuki is a singer-songwriter from Okinawa (Japan), born in 1986. She started to play at local cafeterias and bars in 2005. Four years later she studied art and design in London. Her debut album appeared in 2015.
Wild Forest
Folk and rock band Wild Forest is a collective of five friends, making music together on a farm in Denmark.
If you're gonna leave me
Shavonne was born in Melbourne (Australia), grew up in a musical family in South Africa, and lives in New Zealand since 2006. She always had a passion for traditional country music.
Arda & The Stolen Moon
Who am I kidding
Arda & The Stolen Moon is the project of Arda G from Cyprus. She is a singer, composer and plays piano. She started her career performing solo in local bars. Later she surrounded herself with more musicians, because she enjoys the dynamics of a band.
You can't save me
Elmalita is a female singer-songwriter from Harderwijk (the Netherlands).
Song of the Week
Amanda Campbell
Mother nature
Singer-songwriter Amanda Campbell from Santa Monica (California) is also the lead singer of jazz/pop band The Strands. At the moment, she and the band are recording songs for their debut album.
Well, so what!
Earthspaces is the project of musician and composer Csaba Gulyas from Budapest (Hungary). His genre ranges from downtempo, meditation music and ambient to dance music. Next to producing music for Earthspaces, Csaba produces music for visual projects.
Set me free
Elia is an Italian singer-songwriter, plays piano and guitar, and lives in London. After studying performing and manual arts, Elia decided to focus on music, and to study vocal, piano and composition.
Pop-rock band World5 from Reno (Nevada, US), was formed in 2011. All five members are close friends and professional musicians. Last year they released a debut album, titled "Heartbeat Of The World".
The Flowered Gnomes
English cat
New York City based, four-piece indie band The Flowered Gnomes was formed in 2014. They make music in many genres, but their main genres are classic rock and rock 'n roll. They released three albums and are currently working on the fourth one.
Hey you
In the 1970's Paul Golian was keyboardist and guitarist in the Canadian touring progressive rock band Theatre of Life. After a long break of thirty years, he started this folk, country, alternative and rock project GoLian.
Red Ant Band
Burlesque queen
Red Ant Band from Norwich (UK), was formed in 2014 by Mike Lee. This is a three-piece band since 2015. So far they released two EPs, titled EP 1 and EP 2. Currently you will find them in the NRSIX studios, where they are recording more songs.
Goofy Cow
Over again
Goofy Cow is a three piece punk rock band band from Olomouc (Czech Republic) with vocalist and bassist Ljů, vocalist and guitarist Kjůbs and drummer Venca RektStar.
After this week, the tenth season of TalentCast will come to an end. During this season quite a few new musicians and bands have joined. Today you will hear a selection of these artists; among them, two artists who joined TalentCast last week.

I will also play the last Song of the Week for this season. As solo artist she has joined TalentCast this season, although our regular listeners know her already as the lead singer of The Strands.

This week there is no voting. Instead I recommend you visit our playlist of this week and check out the artists you are going to hear in the upcoming hour.

I will start with a suitable song for the warm weather here in the Netherlands. It's by a project from Spain.

The crew of TalentCast wishes you a nice, relaxed and sunny summer!
Song of the Week
Amanda Campbell
Mother Nature
Singer-songwriter Amanda Campbell comes from London. All her life she has been surrounded by music. She got especially inspired by jazz, followed her biggest dream, and started writing songs and performing.

Nowadays Amanda Campbell lives in Santa Monica (California), and is the lead singer in jazz/pop band The Strands. Currently they are in the studio, recording their first full-length album.
Charts May 26 2017
Amanda Campbell
Mother nature
Julie Lamb
Standing proudly
Infinitus Mortus
One with the system
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Dodging raindrops
Ellie Williams
The lighthouse
Rosa Sky
White electric wizard
Elizabeth Geyer
The party
Chameleon girlfriend
Bad betrayer
The Symptoms
Persian tart