Playlist Dec 2 2016
The black well
Kailyarders is a four-piece Celtic, Irish and Scottish folk band from White Rock, Canada. The band consists of former members of Three Row Barley and plays original songs as well as cover songs. They love to play, sing, tell stories and entertain.
180º Virvar ft. Iben Foss
The perfect tune
180º Virvar is a six-piece band, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2004. The members have a shared interest in experimental elements of music. It is music with melancholy shades that lively describes life. They are working on their third album.
I pay
Amycanbe is a 4-piece trip-hop band from Italy, started in 2002. The line-up changed several times. Current members are Francesca Amati, Mattia Mercuriali, Marco Trinchillo and Mattia Matta. In 2017 they will play shows to promote their latest album.
Merlot Embargo
How to survive an apocalypse
Merlot Embargo is the project of Scarlet and Geoff from LA, who describe themselves as an independent pop duo with vintage rock, country and world music influences. After the start they recruited a bassist, drummer and others to complete their sound.
Angie Arsenault
Turn around
Angie Arsenault is from Montreal, Canada. So far she has released three completely different albums. The first and second album where crowdfunded via SellaBand, the third album was made together with her family and crowdfunded via her own website.
Katey Laurel
Hark the Herald angels sing
Katey Laurel is a roots-pop singer-songwriter from Denver, US. She has a background in classical piano, plays guitar and French horn. Her music is inspired by bluegrass, classic rock, alternative, country, and 80s dance. She has released four albums.
Natalia Safran
Natalia Safran is a singer-songwriter, music producer and billboard artist from LA, who writes and performs together with her brother Mikołaj Mick Jaroszyk. More songs of her debut album "High Noon" have been used as soundtrack in Hollywood movies.
Song of the Week
Martin van de Vrugt
The sun always travels
Martin van de Vrugt (Deventer, the Netherlands) started making music in the early 80s. He is a composer, a singer, plays guitar, harmonica and sometimes the mandolin. In his home studio he records his own music as well as other independent musicians.
Chabliz is a four-piece band from the Netherlands, fronted by Petra de Winter who has a four octave vocal range. They describe their genre as pop-noir and have released two albums which got many good press reviews in Dutch and international media.
Infinitus Mortus
Pieces of her broken heart
Infinitus Mortus is the project of Stephen Megna from New Jersey, started in 2008. He makes classically composed symphonic metal (made popular by some European bands) with varying members, breaks away from mainstream music and delves into the darker.
Turn around
Coreign is the progressive hard rock duo of composers Curry and Reti from Switzerland. They don't exactly stick to this genre and blend many other genres too. The project was started this year as the continuation of Core, which was started in 2013.
In the silence
Firesphere is a six-piece band from Orlando, Florida. This is a new project of the members of Absolon and some other musicians. They combine industrial rock/metal with techno and epic cinematic soundtrack to create their different and original sound.
Hear me
Nemesea is an alternative rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands, started in 2002 by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist Hendrik Jan. This summer Manda left. Hendrik Jan, Sonny and Steven will continue and are currently looking for a new singer.
Hiding in plain sight
Wyrmwood is a four-piece progressive hard rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, formed in 2004 with vocalist and guitarist Ian Stilborn, drummer Todd Leveque, bassist Jared Cyr and guitarist Justin Punchy.
This week the programme is quite varied. We will start off with peaceful tunes and a little bit later on I'm going to play some louder rock. I will also play one newcomer to TalentCast. Sometimes I like our newcomers and sometimes I like them a lot, like this week.

I will start the programme in the same country where I will end it, in Canada. The last song is by a progressive hard rock band. The first song is by a folk band.
Song of the Week
Martin van de Vrugt
The Sun Always Travels
Martin van de Vrugt is from Deventer, the Netherlands. He is a singer-songwriter and plays acoustic guitars and harmonica since 1980 already. He has his own studio where he not only records his own music, but also produces and records other independent musicians.

In his youth Martin was inspired by artists like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. Later he got also inspired by traditional (American) folk, country, jazz and blues.

In the early 80s Martin van de Vrugt began as a street musician. Since then he has performed in many venues and at festivals, in the Netherlands and abroad. His shows are varied, sometimes very dynamic, sometimes quiet and peaceful. His songs are direct and intimate and capture his vision of the world and his own little spot in it.
Charts Dec 2 2016
Martin van de Vrugt
The sun always travels
Mumma blues
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Look again
Cy Vanka
Wild wild sea
Alex Ganassini
Burning Table
Kane & Sun
What it all comes down to
Mack Meadows
Too many hands on my time
Crimson within
Piet Louter
When I die