Playlist of November 25 2016

Playlist of November 25 2016 / Edition 397
The sun always travels
Martin van de Vrugt is from Deventer, the Netherlands. He is a composer, a singer, plays guitar and harmonica and has been writing songs since 1980. He records in his home studio, not only his own music, but other independent musicians too.
What it all comes down to
Kane & Sun is a duo from New Zealand. In 2010 they released a album "Three Little Words". In 2012 Kane Sole moved to Melbourne. Since then they have not played as a duo any more. Kane has formed a four-piece indie folk rock band, named Sons of May.
Wild wild sea
Cy Vanka is the project of Cyriel van Kappel from The Netherlands. He wrote his first song when he was 13, studied at the Royal Conservatory and worked as sound engineer. Nowadays Cyriel works as radiation technologist and plays in two pop bands.
When I die
Piet Louter from the Netherlands started writing songs when he was 15 and released his first single in 1977. After a long break he recorded two albums. Piet was not happy with the sound of the first album and released a remixed version this year.
Ampia Vista is a solo-project from Italy. He has been making music for a long time. His songs combine different styles, from simple pop songs to more complex rock. Recently he has started a new project, called "Ampia Vista Goes Instrumental".
Too many hands on my time
Mack Meadows is a country/blues musician and guitarist from Key Largo, Florida. He has managed several music stores, worked as a studio session musician, played at Seaside Music Theater in the pit orchestra as a guitarist and is music teacher.
Mumma blues
Moscato is an alternative blues and rock band from Mackay, Queensland, Australia. The band was formed with a sole purpose in mind, but soon after the start, this project grew out to the four-piece band of Erin, Jo,Monkey, Keiran and Kristen.
Abbey road
Song of the Week
The Crocked Monsieurs from London was started by two songwriters who were chatting about modern music and how nobody writes music for the over 35's. They decided to start this duo. Their aim is to bring quality music to the more discerning listener.
Look again
The SOME x 6 Band (sometimes there are six members) is an indie blues and rock band from Vancouver, Canada, started in 2002 by Brad Curtis and a few of his friends. They have released three albums and are currently working on the fourth one.
Mortice (UK) was started by John O'Leary, who after playing in the Gunslingers and other bands became sound engineer. He toured with Nazareth and Uriah Heep. Later he wanted to make music again, started Mortice and released a debut album “Mayhem”.
Crimson within
Metibla, a short for Merry Time Black, was started as one-man project in 2003. Now this is the band of underground video maker Riccardo Ponis, Paolo Alvano and Valerio Fisik. They released 3 albums: "Paraphernalia", "Hell Holes", "Crimson Within"
Alex Ganassini is from Italy. He began as a singer for many underground bands, nowadays he is a singer and composer. He has released three albums, ("Orpheus", "Caligula" and "Technology For The Soul"). Currently Alex is working on his fourth album.
The 5-piece Romanian alternative rock band Burning Table was started in 2011. The thought behind their music is to play without prejudice, leaving the notes, the rhythm and the player's state of mind to form the sound. They have released one album.

In this programme we will play one newcomer to TalentCast, some new songs from artists we have played before, some album tracks and of course our new Song of the Week winner.

Like always we travel around the world for the best independent music. This week we will end with a five-piece alternative rock band from Romania and start with a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands.

TalentCast - Edition 397
Song of the Week
Abbey Road
The Crocked Monsieurs
The Crocked Monsieurs is the duo of Colin Batters and Chris Howard, both based in South London. They target a mature audience who is not into talent contests and teenage pop, but wants to listen to new quality music.

The idea to start The Crocked Monsieurs was born in Northern France. Where songwriters Colin and Chris were enjoying the good life over there with French food, wine and live concerts, they were chatting about modern music and about how nobody writes music for the over 35's. After coming back home they started to write the first songs for their debut album Borderin’ The Trainline.

Home Sweet Home is the first single taken from the album. It's a song highlighting domestic violence in the UK. The Crocked Monsieurs also make a video for their debut single, which has already more than 200,000 views on YouTube.

Website of The Crocked Monsieurs

Below you can watch a video which they made for their latest single Pictures Of You, released on Nevember 11, 2016.