Playlist Nov 18 2016
Kalika is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK. She released her 9-track debut album "And a Little Bit of Chutney" in spring 2014. She describes her music as "jazzy-good conscience-rhythmical folk that will uplift anyone's day".
Our old favourite song
Shavonne (28 years old) was born in Australia, grew up in South Africa and moved to Auckland, New Zealand. Her aim is to try and reinstate the lost traditional country sound. This year she has released a debut album, titled "My Own Peculiar Way".
Jacqueline Platt
Where are you going
Jacqueline Platt is a country songwriter from Massachusetts, US. She started writing poetry as a young girl. Her strength and focus is writing song lyrics. She has co-written "Like A Whisper" and "Nashville Heart" with trio Ashton Lane from Scotland.
Arda & The Stolen Moon
You're not you lately
Arda & The Stolen Moon is the project of Cypriot singer-songwriter Arda G. So far she has played in small clubs as a solo performer, her songs accompanied on acoustic guitar. This year she has released a debut album, titled "Minutes Into Years".
When you walk on by
VanderLinde (from Groningen, the Netherlands) is the project of Arjan Vanderlinde who surrounds himself with different musicians, on stage and in the studio. The genre is a mix of pop, country and Americana. So far he has released 5 albums.
Starry Knights
Mr. Gaye's eupathy
Starry Knights is the project of singer-songwriter Paul Morabito from Boca Raton, Florida, US. He describes the genre as a mix of alternative pop, country crossover and folk crossover.
Rion S
Game is on
Rion S, the project of singer-songwriter Ryan Sewell from Ireland. Currently he is working on his debut album and is vocalist in the dance music scene, working with several producers across the UK.
Song of the Week
Rebecca Hosking
Goodbye is a lonely word
Rebecca Hosking is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville. She releases her music via her own record label "LoveLloyd Music". On our partner radio station Fame Music Radio in Johannesburg, South Africa she is one of the most requested artists.
Cosmopolitan circus
JoosTVD stands for Joos(t) The Vanished Dutchman. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who started as a drummer, then played in several bands. Nowadays he has his own project and has released 11 albums so far.
Leaving Richmond
What were we waiting for
Leaving Richmond is the ambient, atmospheric rock music project of instrumental composer and producer, Jordan Pier from LA, started in 2007. Jordan combines real and electronic instruments in his music. In January 2017 we can expect a new album.
сине-голубой (The blue)
Russian band Ill!noiz (иллинойз) are a psychedelic sextet known for their eclectic music and absurd lyrics. As they say, they please and tease, show up and vanish and they are weirdos that are outside of any trends. The band has released two albums.
The Symptoms
Abyss (in the woods)
The Symptoms is the project of Mr. and Mrs. Symptom from Lunedale in the UK. They started to perform and record songs in their converted cow shed in 2001 already. Frequently they play gigs and are still going strong.
Sunwill is a pop-rock band from Tomsk in the Russian Federadion, formed in 2012. They describe their genre as a mix of electronic pop music and rock, with both modern and traditional influences.
Valentina Moza
Light of the world
Valentina Moza is from Sydney. When she was a baby she escaped communism in Romania in the 80s with her parents. She is a former Latin and ballroom dancer, has a deeply religious background and today her passion is to produce gospel and dance music.
The Crocked Monsieurs
Abbey road
The Crocked Monsieurs from London was started by two songwriters who were chatting about modern music and how nobody writes music for the over 35's. They decided to start this duo. Their aim is to bring quality music to the more discerning listener.
Last week we welcomed three newcomers to TalentCast, of course you will hear them today, together with many other interesting independent artists. Like every week we tour all around the globe and select interesting music from many different countries. This week we will end the programme where we start it, in the United Kingdom.

Last week many people (almost 200) came to our website to vote. One song got by far the most votes. We will play it for you some time half way through the programme. If there is also this week a song you like the most, welcome to vote for it before Tuesday, November 22.

Members of TalentCast: We are curious to what you think about this radio programme, the website and the project as a whole. About two weeks ago, I (Johan) started a thread on our little forum where I asked for your opinion and ideas about what can be improved. Some of our members responded already, thank you very much. More feedback will of course be very appreciated and I look forward to meet more of our members in the thread.
Song of the Week
Rebecca Hosking
Goodbye Is A Lonely Word
Rebecca Hosking is a singer-songwriter from Nashville. She writes that her music is pure country roots that comes from the heart. She has released five full length studio albums via her own record label LoveLloyd Music. Currently she is touring the UK to promote her latest release, My Mother's Child.

Next to being a musician, Rebecca Hosking is a freelance writer and artist. She has a book of poetry, Melantha's Storm and is working on a series of adult colouring books.

Rebecca's motto: If you Tell me I can't that is the first thing I will do. It does not come from spite, it is my belief of the truth. Nothing is hopeless, or nothing is doable? I choose the path, I make it possible!
Charts Nov 18 2016
Rebecca Hosking
Goodbye is a lonely word
Aly Cook
Message in a cloud
The Smashed Idols
Make your toes curl
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
1st tale
Sylvain Moraillon
Fallen angel
Rosa Sky
The fisherman
Tiffany Gow
No fear
The Village
Here comes the sun again
Color gris
The Koniac Net
This time around