Playlist Nov 11 2016
Dead Surf Country
Dead Surf Country is a band from Swansea, UK, started by guitarist Mark Matthews and vocalist Meg Jenkins in 2006. Since then there have been several changes in the band's lineup and nowadays this is the 3-piece band of Nico, Nicola and Mark.
Aly Cook
Message in a cloud
Aly Cook is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand. She released her debut album "Brand New Day" in 2011 and her second album "Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel" in 2015. In 2012 Aly Cook received the title of New Zealand's female country artist of the year.
Rebecca Hosking
Goodbye is a lonely word
Rebecca Hosking is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville. She releases her music via her own record label "LoveLloyd Music". On our partner radio station Fame Music Radio in Johannesburg, South Africa she is one of the most requested artists.
Sylvain Moraillon
Sylvain Moraillon comes from Mont-Saint-Aignan and lives in Paris. He started his musical career as a lyricist and stage sound engineer. Nowadays he is pursuing his career as author, musician, producer and songwriter.
The Village
Here comes the sun again
The Village is the project of guitarist and songwriter Phil Matthews from the UK, who has been writing and recording for over 25 years now. His music is based around the themes of reflection and reminiscence, along with thoughts of childhood.
Fallen angel
Coreign is a progressive hard rock band from Switzerland. They don't really stick exactly to this genre and blend many other music styles too. The band was started this year as the continuation of Core, which was formed in 2013.
Rosa Sky
The fisherman
Dutch band Rosa Sky from Zwolle was formed in 2007. They describe their music as passionate and authentic, somewhere between folk, blues, country and pop. They have released 3 albums, "Sweet Surrender", "All Around Us" and "White Electric Wizard".
The Smashed Idols
Make your toes curl
The Smashed Idols is a 4-piece indie rock and punk band from Houston, Texas. They play guitar, bass, and drums and like to mix it up with hot space sauce and alien lyrics.
The Koniac Net
This time around
The Koniac Net (from Bombay, India) was started as the 1-person project of David Abraham. Nowadays it is a 5-piece band. In 2012 they have released their debut album "One Last Monsoon". In 2014 they have released "The Abiogenesis EP".
La Cueca del Facebook
Feñez is the solo project of Feñez León from Chile. He was the front man, founder, author and composer of Keko Yoma from 2004 until 2015. He blends music with clowning and has toured Europe several times together with Keko Yoma.
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
1st tale
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila proves that music can bring people together. This 5-piece Italian band was formed in 2008 and all musicians quickly became friends. Their friendship affected the music, which became a fusion of the styles they like.
Color gris
Radaid is an 8-piece fusion music group from Mexico, formed in 1998. They merge music and instruments from different parts of the world, for example India, China, Middle East, Mexico, Africa and the Balkans. So far they have released 4 albums.
Song of the Week
Rain, rain, rain pouring down on me
Cozmicsoulfire is the solo-project of artist, producer and songwriter Marianne Vedder from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. She sings, plays guitar, keyboard, synthesizer and percussion. Marianne has released 4 albums so far. Genre: rock, pop, metal
Tiffany Gow
No fear
Tiffany Gow is a singer, songwriter and voice over artist from Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia. She has released a self-funded debut album "No Fear" in 2005 and a fan-funded album "Deeply Drowning In Deception" in 2010.
Today I will play independent artists from all around the planet. Among them, you will hear three newcomers to TalentCast. I will end in Australia and start in the UK.

Votes came in rather slowly last week, but we have a new Song of the Week winner. It's a solo-project from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Towards the end of the programme you will hear this week's winner.
Song of the Week
Rain, Rain, Rain Pouring Down On Me
Cozmicsoulfire is the solo project of performer, producer and songwriter Marianne Vedder from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Marianne sings and plays guitar, keyboards and percussion.

Marianne tries to keep the lyrics close to herself and her experiences in life. A poetic and sensitive confessional story writer, she aims to create her songs' own reality and infuse the realities of others with their energy and emotions.

With her project Cozmicsoulfire Marianne has experimented with different genres. Her debut compilation album The Dance and The Love was a pop, rock and dance album. Her last album Poison is a fusion of rock, pop fusion and metal.

Presently Marianne performs her work in a semi-acoustic setting with Beerend Rense Zuidema on guitar and is working on her fifth album.
Charts Nov 11 2016
Rain, rain, rain pouring down on me
Benny Mayhem
Suspect device
State of emergency
Jeff Hayman
The fall
Julia Marcell
Alexx Calise
All night long
Howling Owl
Reach out
Infinitus Mortus
Transcendence of souls