Playlist Nov 4 2016
Julia Marcell
Singer-songwriter Julia Marcell comes from Poland and lives in Berlin, Germany. She tours a lot with her band around the world. So far she has released 4 albums ("It Might Like You", "June", "Sentiments" and "Proxy") and 1 EP ("Storm EP").
Alexx Calise
All night long
Alexx Calise is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Los Angeles. Next to making music she is also doing some acting jobs. In January she released her latest album, "Addition by Subtraction". In February she was interviewed by All Access Magazine.
State of emergency
Lee-Leet is a singer-songwriter from Warsaw, Poland who sings and plays the piano. She regularly records and plays with a band. So far she has released 3 albums, 1 EP and 2 singles and describes her genres as nostalgic pop, art rock and sung poetry.
Song of the Week
Casee Wilson
Silence of the stars
Casee Wilson is a singer-songwriter from York, UK. So far she released 3 albums, "Beggars and Blues", "Riptides" and "Here At A Distance". In 2014 she released an EP, "Tales From the Undertow". She releases via her record label "Tiny Cat Records".
Jeff Hayman
The fall
Jeff Hayman is a singer-songwriter/guitarist from Mandurah, Western Australia. In 2008 he moved to Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. He has been playing and writing songs since the age of 15. His genre is a mix of pop, acoustic, grunge, folk and soul.
Benny Mayhem
Suspect device
Benny Mayhem from Australia played in a punk band. After the band broke up, instead of starting a new band at once, he decided to travel and tour as a folk-punk troubadour. Nowadays Benny has his own five-piece folk-punk rock band.
Traipse is a new audio-visual alternative rock project by Jude Benjamin from London. Over the next five months, he will be releasing one video per month as part of a visual EP, alongside accompanying blogs, info snippets, short demos and other media.
Hackmonocut is a 4-piece band from Austria, started in 2012. Their songs are melancholic, dark and feral, full of irony and social criticism. They have released 2 full albums: "In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms" (2013), "The Sum Of My Parts" (2015)
Alphakraft Communications
Too much to die for
Alphakraft Communications started in the 80's, composing with Soundmonitor and Soundmaster on a Commodore 64. After several collaborations he now has his own solo project, based in Essen, Germany.
Fuji Kureta
Toutes les femmes
Fuji Kureta is the electronic pop duo of Sahin Kureta (music programming) and Deniz Ozturk (lyrics/vocals) from Istanbul in Turkey, formed in 2008. Their melodies are mellow, the vocals are soft, their lyrics are in English and sometimes in French.
Howling Owl
Reach out
Howling Owl is the project of Evija Vēbere from Latvia and Lav Kovač from Serbia. Both finished studying at Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands. That is how they met. Their music is a mixture of pop, jazz, minimalism and indie.
Rain, rain, rain pouring down on me
Cozmicsoulfire is the solo-project of artist, producer and songwriter Marianne Vedder from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. She sings, plays guitar, keyboard, synthesizer and percussion. Marianne has released 4 albums so far. Genre: rock, pop, metal
Infinitus Mortus
Transcendence of souls
Infinitus Mortus is a symphonic metal band from New Jersey, US. This started off as a studio project by Stephen Megna in 2008. Nowadays this is a band with variating members which breaks away from mainstream music, and delves into the darker.
Drowning Melancholy
Drowning Melancholy is a project from Jaipur, India, started by Alvin Stanly and Komal Panwar of Fragile Silence. They make progressive goth metal and play with different artists every time.
This week I will play a bit more uptempo music than I have been playing for the past weeks. I am in the mood for something faster. Last week we got three new members, at the moment of recording just one of them sent us music.

You will also hear about some upcoming events this week, and of course I will tell you who entered this week's Charts Top 3. Last week's voting was a nice one again, because until the last moment we weren't sure about who would win. Two hours before the end of the voting the last vote came in and the number two ended with just one vote less than the number one.
Song of the Week
Casee Wilson
Silence Of The Stars
Casee Wilson is a singer-songwriter based in York, UK. She is a self taught vocalist and pianist who started writing and recording her own music about six years ago.

Casee Wilson has been played on BBC York's breakfast show, on BBC York Introducing and three times guested on The Fox's Den show on Vixen 101 FM. Casee has had a song selected for the soundtrack of short film Far Out, which went on to be shown at the Vancouver Film Festival. She regularly plays live around York and surrounding areas.

Casee Wilson has so far released three full albums (Beggars and Blues in 2010, Riptides in 2013 and Here At A Distance in 2015) and 1 EP (Tales From the Undertow in 2014) under her own record label Tiny Cat Records.
Charts Nov 4 2016
Casee Wilson
Silence of the stars
Waiting room
Tassos Sotirakis
Mona Lisa
Yossarian Malewski
All Those Ships
Stuck in your head
The Imaginary Suitcase
Het dorp
The Ritz Club
The spooky walk