Playlist Jun 10 2016
Aly Cook
The river
Aly Cook is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand. She released her debut album "Brand New Day" in 2011 and her second album "Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel" in 2015. In 2012 Aly Cook received the title of New Zealand's female country artist of the year.
Suzanne Aurore
Tu me manques
Suzanne Aurore is a singer-songwriter from Paris, France. She often plays together with her 4-piece jazz band. She released her 11-track debut album "Le torrent" in 2013.
June Caravel
5 In the morning
June Caravel is a vocal explorer from France, but in the past few years she has travelled a lot. She moved to the UK, then to Australia and Germany. Since October 2014 she has been living and performing back in France. She has released 2 albums.
Ophelia Syndrome
Love me right
The Canadian band Ophelia Sydrome was formed in 2002, when Trina Nadeau (cello) and Deanna Wells (vocals, keyboards) met during their studies. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane and Josh Kohler completed the band with drums, bass and backing vocals.
Gayle Skidmore
Set me free
Gayle Skidmore is a singer-songwriter from San Diego, (California, US). She can play over 20 instruments and has written over 1700 songs. Her latest album "Sleeping Bear" was nominated for "Best Pop Album" in the "2014 San Diego Music Awards".
Pushed around
SPiN is a 4-piece alternative pop, rock, powerpop band from Philadelphia, US. They record at their studio inside a 150 year old funeral home. The band: E (lead vocals/guitar), Jim (vocals/synths/piano), Lou (drums/percussion) and Hank (guitar/vocals)
Alexx Calise
Alexx Calise is a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Los Angeles. Next to making music she is also doing some acting jobs. In January she released her latest album, "Addition by Subtraction". In February she was interviewed by All Access Magazine.
The Ritz Club
Fake laughs
The Ritz Club is the 5-piece band of Sean Jacobi, Ryan Jacobi, Kevin Jacobi, Sean Giddings and Bobby Lord from Chicago, US. They describe their genre as basement rock. Recently they have released their 4-track, self titled debut EP.
Natalie Chandra
Downing the pain
Natalie Chandra from Switzerland started singing at the age of 13. At 17 she moved to Singapore to study at "College of Performing Arts". Before moving back she recorded 3 of her first self written songs. Recently she formed a band, named Trial Off.
Song of the Week
Franka De Mille
Franka De Mille describes the style of her music as acoustic-baroque-folk which bridges many influences and traditions. She grew up in Paris, but has lived most of her life in London. She has released her debut album "Bridge the Roads" in 2010.
North-Going Zax
Caught in a moment
North-Going Zax is from Boston, US. This is the 2-person indie rock project of Matthew Otto on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jeff Poliseno on bass. The project was formed in the beginning of 2013. They have released one self-titled 4-track EP.
Let me feed
Metibla, a short for Merry Time Black, was started as one-man project in 2003. Now this is the band of underground video maker Riccardo Ponis, Paolo Alvano and Valerio Fisik. They released 3 albums: "Paraphernalia", "Hell Holes", "Crimson Within"
Evija Vēbere
For you
On a Latvian Jazz summer camp Evija Vēbere discovered her passion for improvisation. In 2014 she released her debut album "Dream Whispers". In 2015 she graduated from Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. While studying there, she formed a band.
В группе играют пальцы (Fingers united)
Russian band Ill!noiz (иллинойз) are a psychedelic sextet known for their eclectic music and absurd lyrics. As they say, they please and tease, show up and vanish and they are weirdos that are outside of any trends. The band has released 2 albums.
Vinny Davis
The sounds have no meaning
Vinny Davis from New York has released 12 albums under his own record label VDM/Unusual Spreads.
This week we have a varied programme for you with mostly relaxing music. We will play some singers-songwriters, country, jazz, rock and alternative. We also will inform you about some upcoming events and of course we will play our new Song of the Week winner.

The first song is a request of one of our regular listeners, Jurjen Koopmans. He requested a song by a country singer-songwriter from New Zealand.
Song of the Week
On the cover of Bridge the Roads, the debut album of singer-songwriter Franka De Mille, we see a feather drawn with a delicate dark line. At a closer look, we see the feather has roots like those of a plant or a small tree. Asked about the symbolism of this image, Franka answered the feather stands for rebirth and spiritual protection, but added that she wanted the image to be open to interpretation. Perhaps the feather foretells the future of Franka's music, which travels the world lightly as a feather, crossing geographical borders, and then roots itself in the hearts of the listeners.

Franka De Mille's fully independent debut was released in 2010. The style of her music, which Franka calls "acoustic-baroque-folk", "bridges" many influences and traditions, which could be expected of an artist which such an international background. Franka's origins range from Flemish to French-Canadian on her father's side and Italian-American and Australian on her mother's side; she grew up in Paris, but has lived most of her life in London, where she moved in her teens. However, some of her most passionate fans live in the country to which she has no natural connection: Poland. Perhaps it is because Franka's songs sound as if they had a Polish soul; Polish velvet darkness, melancholy, sensitivity.

The Polish connection established itself on many levels. First, Polish cellist Dorota Gralewska responded to Franka's advertisement, and, having heard Franka's demos, decided to work with her. She became one of the Polish fans also quickly found Franka's music on the internet. Thanks to the help of a Polish fan on MySpace, who introduced her to a number of music journalists, Franka De Mille's songs started to be played on Polish radio stations, both national and local. All this led to an invitation to the first concert in Poland, which took place in September 2011 in Lublin, at Europejski Festiwal Smaku (eng. The European Festival of Taste). The concert was followed by radio interviews, among others, on the renowned "Trójka", Channel 3 of Polish National Radio.

Currently Franka De Mille is working on a new album, while the songs from her debut are still finding their way to the hearts of more and more fans worldwide.


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Franka De Mille
Natalia Safran
All I feel is you
LaWanda Lee
I can't wait
Aryn Michelle
Narrow gate
Katey Laurel
Only human
Lady Citizen
Between you & me
Monikker ft. Kwamizzle
Heaven on earth (Gotta go)
Rex Razor