Playlist Jun 3 2016
Franka De Mille
Franka De Mille describes the style of her music as acoustic-baroque-folk which bridges many influences and traditions. She grew up in Paris, but has lived most of her life in London. She has released her debut album "Bridge the Roads" in 2010.
Aryn Michelle
Narrow gate
Aryn Michelle is a singer-songwriter from Dallas. As a teenager she taught herself piano and guitar. She also began writing songs. She pursued that passion and earned musical degrees from both Southwestern University and the Berklee College of Music.
Ellie Williams
Singer-songwriter Ellie Williams from the UK has released 3 albums so far, "Unseen" (2009), "Hope" (2012) and "Osito" (2016). It took her just 50 days to raise a budget of $50,000 for her debut via crowd-funding.
Natalia Safran
All I feel is you
Singer-songwriter Natalia Safran is from Los Angeles. She writes, produces and performs music together with her brother, Mikołaj Mick Jaroszyk. Natalia Safran has released her debut album "High Noon" in 2011.
Katey Laurel
Only human
Katey Laurel is a roots-pop singer-songwriter from Denver, US, who writes hopeful, romantic and introspective songs about our common humanity. She has released 3 albums, "From Here", "Periscope" and "Periscope - The remix project".
Gabby Young & Other Animals
Fear of flying
Gabby Young & Other Animals is a 9-piece band from London. So far they have released 3 albums, "We're All In This Together" (2009), "The Band Called Out For More" (2012) and "One Foot In Front Of The Other" (2014). They are working on the fourth one.
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja)
Ballada o św. Mikołaju
Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja) is one of the oldest folk bands in Poland. The band was formed in 1988 when there was no interest in Polish traditional folk music. Since then it has been said, they have invented Polish folk music.
Cy Vanka
That is love!
Cy Vanka is the project of Cyriel van Kappel from The Netherlands. He wrote his first song when he was 13, studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and has worked in various recording studios with bands like the Golden Earring and Vandenberg.
NRG Rising
Hear the rhythm
NRG Rising is a mother and daughters trio from Hamilton, New Zealand, formed in 2009. They make fresh happy world music with a R&B sound and feel, developed from reggae. In 2011 they released their debut album "From Darkness To Light".
LaWanda Lee
I can't wait
LaWanda Lee is a singer-songwriter from Ypsilanti, US. She began singing in community, school and church choirs, nowadays it's her profession. She released her debut album "First Born" in 2013. Her genre is a mix of R&B, soul, jazz, pop and Gospel.
Monikker ft. Kwamizzle
Heaven on earth (Gotta go)
Monikker is a female rapper from Austin, Texas. She started recording her first song in a friend's basement during high school and writes that her music is for fans of underground rap.
Rex Razor
Rex Razor is the project of novelist, songwriter, singer, rapper, and poet Richard Shekari from Abuja Nigeria. Next to being an artist, he is also a children's rights and peace activist.
Song of the Week
Gisel de Marco
I found you
Gisel de Marco is originally from Argentina, nowadays she lives in Switzerland. At the age of 7 she got a toy piano and at the age of 10 she had made her first home-recorded album "Blue Bay". In 2010 she released a studio album "All The Way".
Lady Citizen
Between you & me
Lady Citizen is the project of Jun Fukanaga. She is a DJ/producer who grew up in Japan and moved to London in 2011. Jun's love for techno music started after she got an acid house compilation CD for her 18th birthday.
Slowly we are getting near our yearly summer break. After today, we will still bring you three more programmes.

Today a relaxing programme, with only relaxing music. If you hear a song you really enjoy, please come to our website and vote for it. If the song gets the most votes, we will play it again next week.

We start not too far from home, with an artist from London.
Song of the Week
Gisel de Marco
I Found You
Gisel de Marco was born in Argentina and got interested in music already as a child. At the age of 7, she home-recorded her first album Blue Bay, accompanying herself on her toy piano. Gisel participated in school plays and musicals already at school, but the realisation that she wanted to become a singer came when she sang Hero by Mariah Carey at a karaoke bar.

In 2004, Gisel won a singing and songwriting competition With you in Hollywood, a show produced by the Warner Channel. The prize was a trip to Hollywood and a performance in Los Angeles. The same year Gisel joined The Spanglish Band, a cover band with which she performed at restaurants, clubs and events. She also started performing solo.

In 2007, Gisel signed up on SellaBand and in 2008 completed raising her recording budget of 50 000 $. Her album All The Way was released two years later.

Success on SellaBand resulted in Gisel's move to Switzerland. In 2013, she entered The Voice of Switzerland and got to the finals. The competition led to another opportunity: later on the same year, she joined 3 For All, the band started by two other successful participants of The Voice: Iris Moné and Ricardo Sanz. The band's song Together Forever got to the Swiss finals and ended up in the third place.
Charts Jun 3 2016
Gisel de Marco
I found you
Elizabeth Geyer
Waterfalls and rainbows
The butterfly defect
Martin van de Vrugt
No summer
Stone JuJu
The bottle's empty