Playlist Apr 29 2016
The journey of all perfect creatures (live)
Catself is remembered by her audiences for her unusual but catchy melodies, poetic and clever lyrics and the fairytale atmosphere she creates. Her songs move both between genres and between moods and themes.
Kalika is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK. She released her 9-track debut album "And a Little Bit of Chutney" in spring 2014. She describes her music as "jazzy-good conscience-rhythmical folk that will uplift anyone's day".
Bee stings
Snippet is the project of Johnno Casson from Colchester, UK. So far he has released 6 EPs and 4 albums. Johnno describes his music as indie pop music with plenty of bounce to the ounce.
The Imaginary Suitcase
Matty Groves
The Imaginary Suitcase is the solo project of Laurent Leemans from Tubize, Belgium, who was also the singer and guitarist in the acoustic folk-rock combo CeilĂ­ Moss. In 2012 he decided to start this solo project. Since then he has released 6 albums.
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian ft. Irini Voutsina
I'll be leavin' you
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian is from Greece. He got his post-grad degree at the Trinity College of Music in London and has played in several bands in Greece and Canada. Nowadays he mostly writes songs featuring female vocals.
Crosseyed Miles
That November
Crosseyed Miles is the solo project of singer-songwriter Greg Polmateer from Rochester, New York. Genres: alternative, rock, pop
The Koniac Net
Chasing after you
The Koniac Net (from Bombay, India) was started as the 1-person project of David Abraham. Nowadays it is a 5-piece band. In 2012 they have released their debut album "One Last Monsoon". In 2014 they have released "The Abiogenesis EP".
Rex Razor
Celebrate life
Rex Razor is the project of novelist, songwriter, singer, rapper, and poet Richard Shekari from Abuja Nigeria. Next to being an artist, he is also a children's rights and peace activist.
Electric Fence
Electric Fence is a 5-piece band from Bucharest, Romania, started in 2009 by Elena Vasile and David Ciente. If you are from Romania, you know them for sure. They composed "Sun-ta" as their Eurovision entry and ranked no. 2 in the national selection.
Keko Yoma
La vieja Julia
Keko Yoma is a 4-piece band from Santiago, Chile who combine rock, ska, Latin rhythms, comedy theater and several typical American and Australian instruments. This combination is wild, crazy and very much fun.
Song of the Week
Infinitus Mortus
Infinitus Mortus is a symphonic metal band from New Jersey, US. This started off as a studio project by Stephen Megna in 2008. Nowadays this is a band with variating members which breaks away from mainstream music, and delves into the darker.
Via Nocturne
Ghost love story
Via Nocturne is a 3-piece gothic/dark metal band from Quebec, Canada. Members: Zita Bombardier (vocals), Rachel Prince (violin), Danny Dubé (vocals, instruments, lyrics)
Today we have a varied programme for you with quite many different music styles and with artists from quite many different countries: Belgium, UK, Finland, Romania, Greece, US, India, Chile and Nigeria.

Two of the songs we will play were sent to us by newcomers to TalentCast and as usual, we will also play this week's Song of the Week winner. This week's winner is a symphonic metal band from New Jersey which will open for Sonata Arctica in November. Towards the end of the program you will hear who won.

Please help us to find a new Song of the Week winner by casting your vote for the song you like the most.
Song of the Week
The New Jersey-based band Infinitus Mortus breaks away from the mainstream and delves into the dark realm of classical-inspired symphonic metal, made popular by European bands such as Epica, Nightwish and Dimmu Borgir.

Infinitus Mortus started off in 2008 as a studio project of Stephen "Stoki" Megna (drums, guitars, keys). Having played in multiple local bands, Stephen started longing for musical freedom and finally decided to concentrate on his own compositions. In 2010, the first album of Infinitus Mortus titled 2012 was released, recorded with an operatic vocalist. 2011 saw the release of the project's second album The Conspiracy of Love, built upon the themes of love, anguish and heartache. The album was recorded with vocalists Vincent James "VJ" Meehan and his sister Caitlin. The lyrics were written by VJ and based upon the ideas provided by Rebeca Pasquel.

On 8 December 2014, Infinitus Mortus released their latest album Transcendence of Souls, which features vocalist Destini Beard. It is available on Itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody, E-Music, Medianet, and BeatsMusic.

In November Infinitus Mortus will open for Sonata Arctica at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville New Jersey.
Charts Apr 29 2016
Infinitus Mortus
Fragile Essence
Feel me
Angie Arsenault
Leave the light on
The Crocked Monsieurs
Goodbye girl
Mysti Mayhem
Figured out your game
Emma Black
You got me
Mary Confurius
Vagina vague