Playlist Apr 22 2016
Mysti Mayhem
Figured out your game
Mysti Mayhem is a singer and guitarist from North Carolina, US. She has a long background in off Broadway operas and stage acting from her youth. In 2008 she has released her album "Diversity", funded online by her fans. Genres: rock, blues and folk.
Annie Bacon
There should be a trophy for this
Annie Bacon is a folk rock musician from San Francisco, California. She is a singer, songwriter, and plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele and electric bass. She plays together with her band as Annie Bacon and her OSHEN.
The Crocked Monsieurs
Goodbye girl
The Crocked Monsieurs from London was started by two songwriters who were chatting about modern music and how nobody writes music for the over 35's. They decided to start this duo. Their aim is to bring quality music to the more discerning listener.
Fragile Essence
Feel me
Fragile Essence is the duo of vocalist Evelin Comelato and Giorgio Peccenin on piano, keyboards and guitars. The project is from Padova, Italy and was started in 2010. They describe their genre as a mix of rock, pop, classic and altro.
Angie Arsenault
Leave the light on
Angie Arsenault is from Canada. So far she has released 3 albums, "Once Upon A Dream", "Shadow Revelations" and "Family". Her third album was made together with her mother, brother and sister and is released as "The Roots Project".
Emma Black
You got me
Emma Black is a blues and folk musician from Wales. She is singer-songwriter, plays guitar and piano. She has released 2 albums, "Where Dark Horses Roam" (2007) and "Swimming in the Moon" (2012).
Benny Mayhem
Farewell (I'm not coming home)
Benny Mayhem is from Australia. Until two years ago he played in a punk band. After the band broke up, instead of starting a new band at once, he decided to travel and tour as a folk-punk troubadour. Benny Mayhem is already planning his next tour.
Song of the Week
Katie Thompson
Good as gold
Katie Thompson is a singer-songwriter from Hokitika, New Zealand. She has released 2 albums ("Tall Poppy" and "Impossible") and 1 live EP ("Moving On"). The style of her music is a mix of folk, pop and country.
Mary Confurius
Vagina vague
Mary Confurius is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. She likes to mix light and dark and translates her feelings into music. She writes the lyrics, composes, plays guitar and records in her home studio. She released one EP, titled "The Other".
Infinitus Mortus
Infinitus Mortus is a symphonic metal band from New Jersey, US. This started off as a studio project by Stephen Megna in 2008. Nowadays this is a band with variating members which breaks away from mainstream music, and delves into the darker.
180º Virvar
180º Virvar is a 6-piece band, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2004. The members have a shared interest in experimental elements of music. It is music with melancholy shades that lively describes life. They have released 2 albums so far.
DieselKass is a project from Poland that combines acoustic sounds with electronics and samples of sounds, mixing various influences. Their genre is a mix of electro, rock, pop, trip hop, alternative, cinematic and even disco.
The Esoteric Gender
They're here
The Esoteric Gender is trip-rock band, formed in Reykjavík, Iceland. Everyone in the band comes from a different country, Britain, France, Denmark, Ireland and Canada.
Alphakraft Communications
Rasta rabbits
Alphakraft Communications is a one-person electronica project from Essen, Germany.
For this week we have selected relaxed independent music for you. We will play some singer-songwriters, some blues, some folk, some electronica and some relaxed rock. In about half an hour you will hear who is this week's Song of the Week winner.

There is a new Song of the Week every week and our listeners decide which song it is. So, after listening to our programme, feel welcome to help us finding one by casting your vote at

We start with a singer and guitarist from North Carolina.
Song of the Week
Katie Thompson
Good As Gold
Katie Thompson started her music career like many other aspiring singers-songwriters: by participating in music competitions and performing at shows and fairs in her home country, New Zealand.

When in August 2008 she signed up on SellaBand (which does not exist any more), she started finding also international fans. Too impatient to wait till she reached her funding target, she released her debut album Tall Poppy in 2009. Soon after that, luck came her way when Rabobank in New Zealand decided to sponsor independent artists. For one month, Katie's devoted fans from all over the world voted for her every day and Katie won the prize, which was added to her recording budget on SellaBand. After that, she raised the remaining sum with rocket speed and, with $50,000, had to soon start songwriting for the second album.

Katie decided to record her new album in England, with the help of the well-known producer Greg Haver. Impossible was released in 2011, with Good As Gold, accompanied by a music video, as the first single. Katie got a special chance to promote her album when in November 2011 she got to open for Elton John in Dunedin.

In 2013 Katie Thompson released her live EP Moving On, recorded at Quicksand Studios.
Charts Apr 22 2016
Katie Thompson
Good as gold
Ably Winter
Rosa Sky
I want you
Wire Bird
The germs of all