Playlist Apr 15 2016
Wire Bird
Wire Bird is the 4-piece indie band of Tim Cook, James Eynaud, John Longley and Luke Sexton from Melbourne, Australia. They blend guitar melodies and thick bass, with primal drums and soaring harmonies. "Always" is their debut single.
The Ritz Club
The Ritz Club is the 5-piece band of Sean Jacobi, Ryan Jacobi, Kevin Jacobi, Sean Giddings and Bobby Lord from Chicago, US. They describe their genre as basement rock. Recently they have released their 4-track, self titled debut EP.
KEPLER Junction
Straight in my mind
KEPLER Junction is the project of 2 songwriters, composers and performers from Plymouth, Devon, UK: Graham and Kevin. They have played together since early 2012. Genres: rock, acoustic and melodic.
Rosa Sky
I want you
Dutch band Rosa Sky from Zwolle was formed in 2007. They describe their music as passionate and authentic, somewhere between folk, blues, country and pop. They have released 3 albums, "Sweet Surrender", "All Around Us" and "White Electric Wizard".
Katie Thompson
Good as gold
Katie Thompson is a singer-songwriter from Hokitika, New Zealand. She has released 2 albums ("Tall Poppy" and "Impossible") and 1 live EP ("Moving On"). The style of her music is a mix of folk, pop and country.
Song of the Week
Rebecca Hosking
Loving you has been too hard on me
Rebecca Hosking is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville. She releases her music via her own record label "LoveLloyd Music". On our partner radio station Fame Music Radio in Johannesburg, South Africa she is one of the most requested artists.
Nearfield is an electronic group from Portugal. In 2011 they released their 13-track fan-funded debut album, titled "PopFace".
Lowland Flies
Themselves (And the cows will fly remix)
Lowland Flies is a 4-piece progressive rock band from Kuopio in Finland, formed in October 2012. Band members: Tuomo Susilampi (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Tuula Susilampi (bass, vocals), Jari Hietala (drums) and Susa Vallius (keyboards)
The germs of all
Kattern is the project of Michał Borkowski from Poland. Ten years ago he made an album based on Elia Kazan's novel "The Arrangement". He is back after a long break. In 2015 he released a 3-track EP, titled "Campi Flegrei - Phlegraean Fields".
SoundCell is the instrumental pop project of composer, arranger and producer Dietmar Zier from Germany. In February 2009 he released his first singles "Night flight", "Loneliness" and "Farewell", followed by a debut album, titled "On My Way".
Wildcat is an one-person electronic music project from Göttingen, Germany. She describes her genre as "dramatic undergroundsound". She has released 1 album, titled "Desolate Enigma".
Ably Winter
This is the house, electro and dance music project of Ably Winter.
Nemesea is a female-fronted gothic/rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands. The band was started in 2002 by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist HJ at the Prins Claus Conservatory. Nowadays they are a 3-piece band and have released 3 studio albums.
Jar of lies
SPiN is a 4-piece alternative pop, rock, powerpop band from Philadelphia, US. They record at their studio inside a 150 year old funeral home. The band: E (lead vocals/guitar), Jim (vocals/synths/piano), Lou (drums/percussion) and Hank (guitar/vocals)
Wyrmwood is a 4-piece progressive hard rock band from Canada, formed in 2004. Members: Ian Stilborn (vocals/guitar), Todd Leveque (drums), Jared Cyr (bass) and Justin Punchy (guitar)
This week we have a long playlist for you with 15 songs, two songs are by newcomers to TalentCast. Most of the programme is filled with peaceful music.

Our Song of the Week winner is a country singer-songwriter. In about 20 minutes I will tell you who won. Of course also this week you are welcome to vote for the song you like the most.

We will start the programme with one of our newcomers, a band from Melbourne, Australia.
Song of the Week
Rebecca Hosking
Loving You Has Been Too Hard On Me
Rebecca Hosking is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville. Currently she is working on her next album, which will be out soon. She will release also this album via her own record label LoveLloyd Music. She released her debut album Love and Other Disasters in 2008.

Next to being a musician, Rebecca Hosking is a columnist for Skope Magazine and member of the Woman's Music Business Association.

Rebecca Hosking: If you tell me I can't that is the first thing I will do. It does not come from spite, it is my belief of the truth. Nothing is hopeless, or nothing is doable? I choose the path, I make it possible!
Charts Apr 15 2016
Rebecca Hosking
Loving you has been too hard on me
Julie Lamb
Drive me
RazzMaTazz Music
Everything is a-okay
Stiinan polska