Playlist of April 8 2016

Playlist of April 8 2016
Everything is a-okay
JoosTVD stands for Joos(t) The Vanished Dutchman. He started as a drummer, then played in several bands. Nowadays he has his own project and has released 11 albums so far. Genres: pop, jazz, funk, R&B, latin, blues and humor.
Singer-songwriter Julia Marcell comes from Poland and lives in Berlin, Germany. She tours a lot with her band around the world. So far she has released 4 albums ("It Might Like You", "June", "Sentiments" and "Proxy") and 1 EP ("Storm EP").
Lunic is the solo project of singer-songwriter, electronic musician, and multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page, originally from New York, currently based in Dallas, Texas. So far she has relesed 3 albums "Skeletons", "Lovethief" and "Future Sex Drama".
Amycanbe is a 4-piece trip-hop band from Cervia, Italy, started in 2002 by Marco and Mattia. So far they have released 3 albums ("Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated", "Mountain Whales" and "Wolf") and 2 EPs ("Yellow Suit" and "The World Is Round").
Stiinan polska
Kardemimmit is a folk music band from Finland of 4 young ladies who sing and play the kantele, a typical Finish instrument. So far they released 3 albums: "Viira" in 2006, "Kaisla" in 2009 and "Autio Huvila" in 2012.
The bridge
Elizabeth Geyer is from Australia and has released 4 albums ("The Dream", "Elizabeth Geyer", "On Patrol With The Jazz Police" and "The Bridge"). She is not only a singer and composer, she also plays the piano, trumpet and flugelhorn.
Get back
Writersday is the solo project of singer-songwriter Sjoerd Hoogma from Amsterdam. His poetic and direct lyrics take the listener into the small and large issues of life. He records in his own analogue studio and tours frequently in the Netherlands.
When you walk on by
VanderLinde (from Groningen, the Netherlands) is the project of Arjan Vanderlinde who surrounds himself with different musicians, on stage and in the studio. The genre is a mix of pop, country and Americana. So far he has released 5 albums.
Loving you has been too hard on me
Rebecca Hosking is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville. She releases her music via her own record label "LoveLloyd Music". On our partner radio station Fame Music Radio in Johannesburg, South Africa she is one of the most requested artists.
RazzMaTazz Music is the project of singer and entertainer Pat Sunny Spring from Germany. His career started in 1990 in New York, singing in some small clubs. He and his big band want to bring back jazz/swing and to show how real and alive it is.
Don't be a stranger
Song of the Week
Singer-songwriter Clive Barratt comes from Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Nowadays he lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. In October 2014 he has released his debut album "Wall of Storms", funded online by his fans, produced by Rob Begg.
Take me
Broken Sun is a collaboration between various Dutch and Australian musicians, formed in 2008. So far they have released 2 albums: a self-titled debut album in 2009 and Life & Death in 2014. Genres: alternative, Americana, blues, soundtrack, rock
Drive me
Julie Lamb is a (70's vibed) rock-based singer-songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand. She usually records and plays with her band. So far she has released 3 albums "Most and Least" (2008), "Trippin' the Light" (2012) and "When We Hang Out" (2014).
Oh, the payday!
Mister Sir is a progressive post-hardcore trio from Tomsk, Siberia, Russia with Anton Serov on guitars and vocals, Andrew Tryphonov on drums and Segey Rokhmanyuk on bass. They performed all over Siberia for quite some time already.

This week we received quite some new music from our artists, including three new albums. We will also announce many upcoming shows which will take place this week. So, enough reasons to tune in or stay tuned, we think.

For the third week in a row we have a convincing Song of the Week winner. You will hear the winning song in about 40 minutes.

On our partner radio station Ede FM our broadcast times have been changed, starting this week. You will find the details on the page "Messages of our members" on our website.

TalentCast - Edition 373
Song of the Week
Don't Be A Stranger
Clive Barratt
Clive Barratt comes from Blackburn, Lancashire, England, and now lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Clive got his first guitar at the age of 12, had basic music training in high schools in the UK and Canada and wrote his first song at the age of 16. He has written over 55 songs in a variety of styles including rock, contemporary pop, folk-rock, blues-rock, country-rock, gospel and instrumental. Clive performs solo, duet, trio or full band gigs on a casual basis, in between his regular work as an airline pilot.

In December 2014, Clive Barratt released Wall of Storms, his debut album of 12 original songs. The album was funded online by fans. It was recorded at Marpole Recording Studio and produced by Rob Begg.

Clive on the album: Between fundraising, crafting the songs for the album, recording and production, including long delays due to tragedies which happened within the lives of some of those involved in the album, this has been a four year journey.... perhaps it actually has been a lifetime in the making.

The album is available on CD Baby, iTunes and several other online music outlets.