Playlist Apr 1 2016
для никого (For nobody)
Russian band Ill!noiz (иллинойз) are a psychedelic sextet known for their eclectic music and absurd lyrics. As they say, they please and tease, show up and vanish and they are weirdos that are outside of any trends. The band has released 2 albums.
June Caravel
Some may go
June Caravel is a vocal explorer from France, but in the past few years she has travelled a lot. She moved to the UK, then to Australia and Germany. Since October 2014 she has been living and performing back in France. She has released 2 albums.
Sylvain Zebo
Consacre moi
Sylvain Zebo is a singer-songwriter from Paris. As teenager he learned to play the guitar and played in blues and rock bands. Later, after taking lessons in singing and piano, Sylvain released 2 albums: "Consacre Moi" in 2010 and "Masque" in 2013.
L'amour est mort (Love is dead)
3IsOne is a collaboration between 3 versatile singers, authors and composers from the Netherlands, Italy and France. Their songs are about society, love and relationships between people, but also darker subjects like depression and death.
Fuji Kureta
Lucid dreams
Fuji Kureta is the electronic pop duo of Sahin Kureta (music programming) and Deniz Ozturk (lyrics/vocals) from Istanbul in Turkey, formed in 2008. Their melodies are mellow, the vocals are soft, their lyrics are in English and sometimes in French.
Alex Highton
You've got the trees
Alex Highton is a singer-songwriter from the UK, who plays gentle folk songs on his guitar. In 2011 he released his debut album "Woodditton Wives Club". In 2014 he released "Nobody Knows Anything" for which he is receiving good ratings and reviews.
Miss James and the Misterz
Miss James and the Misterz is the trio of Rachel James, Paul Crompton and Mike Brennan from the UK. In 2009 they released a very nice 7-track digital album, titled "TeaTime Assorted Sessions" and in 2010 a second 10-track album, titled "CatBells".
The Village
That's the way it is
The Village is the project of guitarist and songwriter Phil Matthews from the UK, who has been writing and recording for over 25 years now. His music is based around the themes of reflection and reminiscence, along with thoughts of childhood.
Clive Barratt
Don't be a stranger
Singer-songwriter Clive Barratt comes from Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Nowadays he lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. In October 2014 he has released his debut album "Wall of Storms", funded online by his fans, produced by Rob Begg.
Song of the Week
Ödemarken is an instrumental trio from the south of Sweden. They have played together since early 2014. Their music is inspired by Swedish folk, blues-rock, jazz and world-music. They have released two albums so far: Ödemarken (2.0), Ödemarken (3.0).
Omega Reign
Omega Reign is a 5-piece metal band from New Bedford, Massachusetts, formed by guitarist Gene Felix in 1998. They released their debut album, titled "Arise" in November 2012.
Thurkills Vision
My theory
Thurkills Vision is a 5-piece alternative/metal and rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts, formed in 2006. They have released a debut EP, "For the Sleeping" and a single, "Be Gone", both are available on iTunes.
IdiotHead is a 4-piece rap and rock band from Wrocław, Poland. This is the continuation of the band CO.IN, formed in 2012.
Syndrom Kreta
Syndrom Kreta is a Polish 4-person old-school garage rock'n'roll band, formed in 2006. The name means the mole syndrome. Mole is an underground creature, a suitable name for an underground band.
This week we have made a varied programme for you. We will play easy listening, rock, electronic, chansons, a cappella, rap and at the end some metal.

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Song of the Week
Ödemarken is an instrumental trio from Sweden. Their music draws influences from Swedish folk, blues-rock, jazz and world music.

The band formed in 2014. The members came from two bands: a Swedish 5-piece folk group and an Irish/Americana folk group.

The first compositions of the band were written in late 2013 and the debut album Ödemarken (2.0) was released in 2014.

In the summer of 2015 Ödemarken toured Poland and finished the songs for their second album Ödemarken (3.0), which was released in January 2016.

Band members:

Thomas Karlsson (drums, percussion)

Thomas Augustsson (guitars)

Bart Traczykowski (upright bass)
Charts Apr 1 2016
Casee Wilson
David Folsom ft. Kathy Redwine
You, you, you
Aly Cook
Country storm
Starry Knights
About last night
Francis Voignier
Martin van de Vrugt
I don't know where to fly
Ireland in the sun
Sarah's Blue Dress
My own enemy
Ampia Vista
Over the moon
The Symptoms
Viking neck