Playlist May 6 2016
Nemesea is a female-fronted gothic/rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands. The band was started in 2002 by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist HJ at the Prins Claus Conservatory. Nowadays they are a 3-piece band and have released 4 studio albums.
Alex Ganassini
New religion
Alex Ganassini is from Italy. He began as a singer for many underground bands, nowadays he is a singer and composer. He has released 3 albums, ("Orpheus", "Caligula" and "Technology For The Soul") and 1 single ("Space Ballad").
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Can you see your dreams
The SOME x 6 Band (sometimes six) is a blues/rock band from Vancouver, Canada, started in 2002 by Brad Curtis and a few of his friends. They have released 3 albums. Currently they are working on the 4th. Every month they will release a track from it.
Leaving Richmond
These photographs prove we were happy
Leaving Richmond is the ambient, atmospheric rock music project of instrumental composer and producer, Jordan Pier from Los Angeles, California, started in 2007. Jordan combines real and electronic instruments in his music.
Christer Holm
The desert of Algerion
Christer Holm from Espoo in Finland is a computer specialist by day and in his spare time he composes instrumental music. His debut album is titled "Galactic Voyages". Currently Christer is working on his second album, titled "Galactic Voyages 2".
Vero is the project of self-taught singer-songwriter Vero Shatkovskey from Bydgoszcz, Poland. She started to write, sing and to play instruments at the age of 6. Her lyrics tell real stories. Genre: acoustic, alternative
Inge is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. The style of her music is described as easy listening, sometimes with a poppy or jazzy touch. She has released 2 albums, "I See You" in 2010 and "Heaven Knows" in 2013, both were funded by her fans.
Przestaję się bać (I'm no longer afraid)
Lee-Leet is a singer-songwriter from Warsaw, Poland who sings and plays the piano. She regularly records and plays with a band. So far she has released 3 albums, 1 EP and 2 singles and describes her genres as nostalgic pop, art rock and sung poetry.
Cathy Shannon
Mannequin boy
Cathy Shannon is a Saudi Arabian born, half Irish and half Indonesian singer-songwriter, now based in the Hague, the Netherlands. She has been writing songs since she was 6 and her folk songs tell true and fictional stories.
Song of the Week
The journey of all perfect creatures (live)
Catself is remembered by her audiences for her unusual but catchy melodies, poetic and clever lyrics and the fairytale atmosphere she creates. Her songs move both between genres and between moods and themes.
Fading away
REIDmusicNL is a 3-person band from the Netherlands, formed by Niels van de Water. They play a mix of classic rock and 90's rock. They say they are influenced by bands such as Nirvana, Golden Earing and Queens Of The Stone Age.
Démone hybride
Laïxa is the duo of singer Paméla and instrumentalist Chris from France. Both like to make jingles for radio stations and radio shows, also for TalentCast.
Road fever
Mortice (UK) was started by John O'Leary, who after playing in the Gunslingers and other bands became a sound engineer. He toured with different bands like Nazareth and Uriah Heep. Later he wanted to make music again and started the band Mortice.
Burning Table
Soft panic
The 5-piece Romanian alternative rock band Burning Table was started in 2011. The thought behind their music is to play without prejudice, leaving the notes, the rhythm and the player's state of mind to form the sound. They have released one album.
This week we will play more rock than we usually do. Don't worry, we will play other genres too and we won't play much loud rock, because we know that many of you don't like it so much.

Thanks to all of you who came last week to our website to vote. We hope you will help us to find a Song of the Week winner also this week by casting your vote on our website.

Last Friday, April the 29th, my door bell rang and I got a nice surprise, a band from my home town Groningen came to bring me their brand new album. I will start the programme with the first single taken from that album.
Song of the Week
The Journey Of All Perfect Creatures (live)
Catself got on her music path in autumn 2008, when she shared her first home-recorded demos on MySpace and a crowdfunding website for musicians. Her adventurous compositions and lyrics quickly found her new fans and in 2011 she finished raising the budget for her debut album, supported by almost 850 fans from all over the world.

The album has been recorded with the accompaniment of Polish folk band Saint Nicholas Orchestra. On Friday 13, 2015, Catself released Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In, the first track from the album, together with a video which was directed by Riske de Vries. The song got a very good review in Nordic Music Review and has already been played on various radio stations, especially in England.

In the upcoming months Catself will tour the UK and the Netherlands and even further away. You can check her website for the details, new concerts are being added as they are confirmed.
Charts May 6 2016
The journey of all perfect creatures (live)
Rex Razor
Celebrate life
Electric Fence
The Imaginary Suitcase
Matty Groves
Bee stings