Playlist Jan 15 2016
Martin van de Vrugt
Across this sea
Martin van de Vrugt is from Deventer, the Netherlands. He is a composer, a singer, plays guitar and harmonica and has been writing songs since 1980. He records in his home studio, not only his own music, but other independent musicians too.
Cathy Shannon
Sleepy Jones
Cathy Shannon is a Saudi Arabian born, half Irish and half Indonesian singer-songwriter, now based in the Hague, the Netherlands. She has been writing songs since she was 6 and her folk songs tell true and fictional stories.
Alex Highton
On the corner
Alex Highton is a singer-songwriter from the UK, who plays gentle folk songs on his guitar. In 2011 he released his debut album "Woodditton Wives Club". In 2014 he released "Nobody Knows Anything" for which he is receiving good ratings and reviews.
Suzanne Aurore
L'étoile endormie dans tes yeux
Suzanne Aurore is a singer-songwriter from Paris, France. She often plays together with her 4-piece jazz band. She released her 11-track debut album "Le torrent" in 2013.
Gabby Young & Other Animals
Sur la lune
Gabby Young & Other Animals is a 9-piece band from London. So far they have released 3 albums, "We're All In This Together" (2009), "The Band Called Out For More" (2012) and "One Foot In Front Of The Other" (2014). They are working on the fourth one.
David Folsom ft. Marcum Stewart
Don't take my dog
David Folsom lives in Nashville and comes from Washington. At the age of 13 he started writing songs. In 1987 he released his first single, titled "The Richest Man Alive". Nowadays he is still writing and producing music.
Crosseyed Miles
Happy accident
Crosseyed Miles is the solo project of singer-songwriter Greg Polmateer from Rochester, New York.
Song of the Week
Tiffany Gow
Liar liar
Tiffany Gow is a singer, songwriter and voice over artist from Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia. She has released a self-funded debut album "No Fear" in 2005 and a fan-funded album "Deeply Drowning In Deception" in 2010.
Jar of lies
SPiN is a 4-piece alternative pop, rock, powerpop band from Philadelphia, US. They record at their studio inside a 150 year old funeral home. The band: E (lead vocals/guitar), Jim (vocals/synths/piano), Lou (drums/percussion) and Hank (guitar/vocals)
Release me
Nemesea is a female-fronted gothic/rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands. The band was started in 2002 by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist HJ at the Prins Claus Conservatory. Nowadays they are a 3-piece band and have released 3 studio albums.
Howling Owl
Watch out!
Howling Owl is the project of Evija Vēbere from Latvia and Lav Kovač from Serbia. Both finished studying at Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands. That is how they met. Their music is a mixture of pop, jazz, minimalism and indie.
Nearfield is an electronic group from Portugal. In 2011 they released their 13-track fan-funded debut album, titled "PopFace".
Alphakraft Communications
Here comes the sun
Alphakraft Communications is a one-person electronica project from Essen, Germany.
Today I am in the mood to play some of my favourite artists. Which of the artists I will play today are my favourites? That will be my little secret.

Anyway, also this week I play many different styles by artists from all around the globe, so there is for sure for each his own song again. Don't forget to vote for that song.

The Song of the Week winner is from a part of the world where it is summer at the moment. Somewhere halfway the program you will hear who is this week's winner.
Song of the Week
Tiffany Gow
Liar Liar
Tiffany Gow is a singer, songwriter and voice artist from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

In 2005 she released her self-funded debut album No Fear.

In 2006 Tiffany signed up at a crowd-funding website and collected $50,000 for her second full-length album. She released the album, titled Deeply Drowning In Deception in 2010.

In 2013 she released 2 new songs, titled Alive and Free.

Currently Tiffany Gow is recording new songs.
Charts Jan 15 2016
Tiffany Gow
Liar liar
Broken glass
Autumn's Mutt
Asian girl
Run and go
Angie Arsenault
Aryn Michelle
Fight the good fight
An enigma in semiotics