Playlist Jan 8 2016
Run and go
Bonnie, a pop/rock band from Uruguay was started in 2007 by a group of old friends who got together to make music. In 2011 they have released a self titled debut album. Currently they are finishing their second album which was recorded in Argentina.
Heidi McCaffrey
The way it used to be
Heidi McCaffrey is a singer-songwriter from London. In 2013 she released her 11-track debut album "Come On In All" which was recorded in The Raunch Studio in Greenford, London.
Aryn Michelle
Fight the good fight
Aryn Michelle is a singer-songwriter from Dallas. As a teenager she taught herself piano and guitar. She also began writing songs. She pursued that passion and earned musical degrees from both Southwestern University and the Berklee College of Music.
Snippet is the project of Johnno Casson from the UK. So far he has released 6 EPs and 2 albums, all produced by Wim Oudijk, musician and producer from the Netherlands. Last summer he released his sixth EP, titled "The Sunshine EP".
Autumn's Mutt
Autumn's Mutt is the project of Michael Chung from Brossard, Canada. He is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. In 2012 he released his debut EP "Snowflakes". Genre: synthpop, psychedelic pop, indie rock
June Caravel ft. Ambytionz Chyldren
June Caravel is a vocal explorer from France, but in the past few years she has travelled a lot. She moved to the UK, then to Australia and Germany. Since October 2014 she has been living and performing back in France. She has released 2 albums.
Chabliz is a 4-piece band from The Hague, the Netherlands. They have released 2 albums (1 live album and 1 studio album). Both have received very good reviews in both Dutch and foreign press. They are planning to release their third album soon.
Angie Arsenault
Angie Arsenault is from Canada. So far she has released 3 albums, "Once Upon A Dream", "Shadow Revelations" and "Family". Her third album was made together with her mother, brother and sister and is released as "The Roots Project".
Broken glass
Wildcat is an one-person electronic music project from Göttingen, Germany. She describes her genre as "dramatic undergroundsound". She has released 1 album, titled "Desolate Enigma".
Song of the Week
Gisel de Marco
Gisel de Marco is originally from Argentina, nowadays she lives in Switzerland. At the age of 7 she got a toy piano and at the age of 10 she had made her first home-recorded album "Blue Bay". In 2010 she released a studio album "All The Way".
KEPLER Junction
Where were you?
KEPLER Junction is the project of 2 songwriters, composers and performers from Plymouth, Devon, UK: Graham and Kevin. They have played together since early 2012. Genres: rock, acoustic and melodic.
Asian girl
NewNobility is an alternative rock trio from New South Wales in Australia. They have won numerous awards, including the "Music Aid Award" for "Best Band 2007" in the UK and the "World Peace and Music Award" in India.
Tiffany Gow
Liar liar
Tiffany Gow is a singer, songwriter and voice over artist from Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia. She has released a self-funded debut album "No Fear" in 2005 and a fan-funded album "Deeply Drowning In Deception" in 2010.
An enigma in semiotics
Steorrah is a 4-piece progressive death metal band from Germany. They have released 2 albums: "An Eroticism In Murder" in 2010 and "Thin White Paint" in spring 2015.
Last week, on Friday the first there exceptionally was no edition of TalentCast, so this is our first program for the new year.

The crew of TalentCast wishes you all a happy, healthy and musical 2016!

First, a little news: Perhaps you have noticed that the crowd-funding website SellaBand went offline just before Christmas. During our short break we have changed the links from many of our artists with SellaBand profiles. You will find the new links on our playlists, charts and voting page.
Song of the Week
Amazing is one of the bonus tracks on Gisel de Marco's debut album All The Way, which can be ordered on Gisel de Marco's website.
Charts Jan 8 2016
Gisel de Marco & Adrian Menet
Christmas angel's song
Velvet shoes
Aryn Michelle
Merry Christmas again
Katey Laurel
Hurricane (Cities at night) (long remix)
Christmas time again (I'll be good next year)
Teleport Magic
New life