Playlist of February 2 2018

Famous men
The story of Sam Maghett
Anything goes
Cruel to be kind
I don't mind!
From now on
She's got me drinkin' again
Dancing in the rays
Future of Xing
Give my luv to you
Oh baby
Run run run
Song of the Week
Lino Liam

This week I got some interesting new music from TalentCast musicians. The genres are varied this time.

Every month we select a new video out of the requests we receive and feature it for one month on the main page of our website. During February you can watch a video made in Mongolia, and of course I play the song also in this week's programme too.

I shall start with a singer-songwriter who I have already played since the first edition of TalentCast, August the 12th, 2007.

TalentCast - Edition 443
Song of the Week
Run run run
Coreign is the progressive hard rock studio band of married composer couple Curry and Reto from Switzerland. The duo doesn't precisely  stick to the progressive hard rock genre, they also compose symphonic, ballad, funk, blues, rock and punk songs.

The project was started in 2013 with a different band name, Core, a name that was reflecting the 'inner circle feeling' of Curry and Reto. The band name was renamed to Coreign in June 2016, because so many other bands are using the name Core already. In this rather short period, Coreign made already six albums and one EP, all produced, recorded and mastered in their home studio, and independently released by themselves.