Playlist of January 26 2018

Playlist of January 26 2018
Human good
The beach song
A mile straight down
Smile in the dark
Thank you Jah
Another thing coming
Bar de nuit
Lady Grinning Soul
I don't want to go!
The rest of the world
Song of the Week
Run run run
Attempting suicide

I haven’t received any music from new TalentCast members this week, but I did receive some new nice tunes made by the artists I have already played before. Only at the very end will I play some loud music, because I know most of our listeners prefer more peaceful music.

I shall start with a song by a solo musician from England.

TalentCast - Edition 442
Song of the Week
Metibla is the project of underground film maker Riccardo Ponis from Italy. He started his project in 2003 and runs it nowadays together with Paolo Alvano and Valerio Fisik.

Nevermore is a track from Crimson Within, the second full-length album of Metibla. The recordings are done at the Hombre Lobo Recording Studio in Rome. The album is conceived by Richardo Ponis in collaboration with Paolo Alvano. Riccardo describes the album as a concept album, inspired by the writings and creations of his father.

Richardo is a former member of Kardia and joined the project as an arranger, guitarist and bassist.

The third member Valerio Fisik joined Metibla during the recordings of the first full-length album Hell Holes. He is the drummer.