Playlist of November 3 2017
Cy Vanka
Wild wild sea
Phillip Foxley ft. vocalist OKTeam
Demon lover
Rosa Sky
The fisherman
Slinky & P'tit Loup
Sugar daddy
The Imaginary Suitcase
Until his work is done
Elizabeth Geyer
The jewel
When sirens call
Piet Louter
When I die
Lucia Lilikoi
Tame the night
Mack Meadows
Song of the Week
Ruta St.
Morgan Wilson
On the brink
Lil TaRus
Right nah
There are no newcomers to TalentCast this week, but that doesn't mean the music isn't interesting. The genres are varied and the songs are relaxing.

Quite many people are tuning in at the moment, but not so many of you come to our website to vote. When you hear a song you really enjoy, please cast your vote for it.

Today I will start with music from my home country the Netherlands.
Podcast of November 3 2017
Song of the Week
Mack Meadows
Mack Meadows, independent country and blues musician from Key Largo (Florida, US) accompanies himself on guitar. He performs solo, as studio session musician, as well as chamber musician. After Mack earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Stetson University, he started with giving guitar lessons in Vero Beach and Florida, and performed at clubs and events in the area.

Last year Mack Meadows released his third album Carry Me Home. The songs are written by Grammy nominated songwriter Dennis Morgan and other songwriters. The music is a blend of country, blues and a little rock 'n roll. This October Mack's latest release came alive, a 23-track album, titled Someone's Gotta Do It. This week's Song of the Week Cigarette is one of the tracks on it.

You can get Mack's music on CDBaby and iTunes.