Playlist of October 27 2017
Jacqueline Platt
Like a whisper
Mack Meadows
Mysti Mayhem
Come back around
Anni Wall
RIP Peter Steele
Mary Confurius
Dreams may sting
Stefanie Black
Winter of my soul
Song of the Week
Ellie Williams
Katey Laurel
Hurricane (DJ Elie ADC remix)
A better place
JAii RyDa & Ras Shiloh
Know love
Bouncy dance
Leaving Richmond
And now we stand up
Lady Citizen
Trap of flower bunch
The last song in the programme of last week was absolutely not the least, interesting because it's our new Song of the Week. I will play it in about 20 minutes.

Today I have also two TalentCast newcomers for you, a folk group from South Wales, and a music producer and songwriter from Jamaica. I will play some other new tracks sent by our artists and a lot of relaxed music. This week there are a few more mainstream songs in the programme than usual. Why not, as long as they are good?

The first song is by a country songwriter from Massachusetts.
Podcast of October 27 2017
Song of the Week
Winter of my soul
Stefanie Black
Stefanie Black was born in Lincolnshire (UK). Since then she moved a lot, to Spain, US, Uruguay and Germany, the country where she lives nowadays.

Together with her parents she went frequently on cruise ship holidays, and that's where Stefanie had her first performance at the age of 2. At the stage on board of the ship she was singing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

At the age of 10 when Stefanie Black lived in Iowa (US), she started singing in a church choir. After moving to Spain she first joined a local children's choir, and later a local amateur musical drama group.

Since 2015 Stefanie Black lives in Germany, studies Singing and Piano at the Hamburg School of Music, and performs and records German Schlagers and her own original ballads.

Her ballad Winter Of My Soul you can hear via the player on top of this text. In the video below, you can watch and hear her Schaler Du bist wie Medizin.
Music video of Stefanie Black