Playlist of April 13 2018
Aryn Michelle
Fight the good fight
Rion S
Hard times
Miltos Marathon
I wanna sleep with you tonight
You tell me a story
Crawling worm
Alexx Calise
All night long
Sylvain Moraillon
À ton image
Song of the Week
Yossarian Malewski
Color spectrum - Burning red
Instead of Ink
Hand in hand
Kepler Junction
Ocean city
Infinitus Mortus
Dreams deferred
This week I will play two tracks from brand new album releases, the music genres are very varied, and many of the songs are quite far away from mainstream music.

No doubts about our new Song of the Week, because this song definitely gathered the most votes. In about 35 minutes I will tell you which song it is.

Today's first song is by a self-taught piano and guitar player from Dallas.
Podcast of April 13 2018
Song of the Week
À ton image
Sylvain Moraillon
Sylvain Moraillon grew up in Normandy (France). During his childhood he discovered that he has a passion for writing and that he had talent for that.

At the age of 20 Sylvain wrote his first single for Daniel Lavoie, Où la route mène (Where the road leads). Later he also wrote lyrics for several other musicians, like Michel Fugain, Faudel, Gérard Lenorman, Patricia Kaas, Filip Nikolic and Fiona Gélin.

In 2007 Sylvain Moraillon founded the music school and production company Studio Jeunèse. There he produced L'ordre des choses, the album of Ton Andréïs. Meanwhile he published his first novel, Crime pour l'Humanité (Crime for humanity), followed by a second novel in 2014, Le crime d’être père (The crime of being a father). He is also a scriptwriter, and wrote scripts for 1 gars1fille and Caméra café.

Besides all this, Sylvain Moraillon is also very concerned about the fate of abused children. He worked for one year at Unicef. After that he founded the association Violette Justice together with Yasmina Kerrouche. Nowadays he is president of Adua and Ligue française des droits de l'enfant, two other organisations that protect the rights of children.

À ton image is the title track of his latest album, released on January 8, 2018, and available in the iTunes store.