Playlist of March 30 2018
Julia Marcell
Wstrzymuje czas
Clive Barratt
I miss you
Mack Meadows
I've got time
Richard Lynch
A better place
Ambience of Carolina
Missing you
Song of the Week
Rosa Sky
All is new
Jeff Hayman
You're fired!
Rap assassin
The patriot
Last week I have received some nice new songs from artists I have played before and one song from a newcomer to TalentCast, a hip-hop artist from Vancouver. A few of the artists and bands in this week's programme have upcoming performances. I will inform you about some of these.

The music is mainly peaceful and relaxed, but the end of the programme will be loud, very loud! I will start with an Italian trip-hop band, and I will end with a brand new release by a metal and industrial band from Finland.

I am getting a lot of listeners at the moment, something I am really happy about, but I hope more of you will also take a short moment to visit our voting page to vote for the song you like the most.
Podcast of March 30 2018
Song of the Week
Ambience of Carolina
Ambience of Carolina is an electronic pop solo project from Melbourne.

On November 15, 2016 she released a six-track self-titled debut EP, which features original tracks and a cover of Teardrop by Massive Attack. The lyrics tell stories about her personal life experience and her view of the world. It showcases the darkness, beauty, and complications that we all experience in life, but always with an overarching theme of hope and positivity.

On her mothers 70th birthday (February 28, 2018) Ambience of Carolina released this single Missing You. It's written in honour of her mother, who passed away a year ago. She also made a video for this song, which you can watch below.
Music video of Ambience of Carolina