Playlist Oct 14 2016
The Esoteric Gender
The author of me
The Esoteric Gender is trip-rock band, formed in Reykjavík, Iceland. Everyone in the band comes from a different country, Britain, France, Denmark, Ireland and Canada.
The Strands
The river
The Strands, formed in 2011 and fronted by British soul singer-songwriter Amanda Campbell, is a band from Santa Monica, US. Their lyrics are thoughtful and provocative. They call their genre artisanal and have released two albums so far.
Moscato is an alternative blues and rock band from Mackay, Queensland, Australia. The band was formed with a sole purpose in mind, but soon after the start, this project grew out to the 4-piece band of Erin, Jo,Monkey, Keiran and Kristen.
Where the wildflowers grow
Kailyarders is a 4-piece Celtic, Irish and Scottish folk band from White Rock, Canada. The band consists of the former members of Three Row Barley and plays original songs as well as cover songs. They plan to tour Eastern Canada and the UK.
Katey Laurel
Battlesong (Adam Newcomb acoustic remix)
Katey Laurel is a roots-pop singer-songwriter from Denver, US, who writes hopeful, romantic and introspective songs about our common humanity. She has released 3 albums, "From Here", "Periscope" and "Periscope - The remix project".
Song of the Week
Gayle Skidmore
Rag doll
Singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore comes from California and lives in the Netherlands. She can play over 20 instruments and has written over 2000 songs. Her album "Sleeping Bear" was nominated for best pop album in the "2014 San Diego Music Awards".
Instead of Ink
Instead of Ink is the project of Cedric and Keven from Quebec in Canada, started in 2004. So far they have released 3 albums, "Far From Close" in 2010, "Open Air Museum" in 2012 and "The Eclipse Season" in 2015. Genres: indie rock, electronica
Phlegraean fields
Kattern is the project of Michał Borkowski from Poland. Ten years ago he made an album based on Elia Kazan's novel "The Arrangement". He is back after a long break. In 2015 he released a 3-track EP, titled "Campi Flegrei - Phlegraean Fields".
Nika from London is a singer, songwriter, performer, recording artist and co-producer. Her genre is a mix of R&B, soul, pop and rock. She is originally from Latvia, where she is known as Nicol. Nika also organizes and presents music events in London.
Rex Razor
Rex Razor is the project of novelist, songwriter, singer, rapper, and poet Richard Shekari from Abuja Nigeria. Next to being an artist, he is also a children's rights and peace activist. Currently he is working on his new album.
Pure Dead Brilliant
Wanna be free
Pure Dead Brilliant is a 4-piece alternative rock band from Glenrothes, UK. They have released 1 EP, titled "Latter Day Fairytale". Members: Gregor Kyle (vocals, guitar), Ben Brilliant (melody guitar), Shawn Conway (bass guitar), Chris Scott (drums)
Electric Fence
Looking for the perfect lover
Electric Fence is a 5-piece band from Bucharest, Romania, started in 2009 by Elena Vasile and David Ciente. If you are from Romania, you know them for sure. They composed "Sun-ta" as their Eurovision entry and ranked no. 2 in the national selection.
On the run
Kontrust is a 6-piece crossover/rock band from Austria, formed in 2001. They have released 4 albums so far, "Welcome Home", "Time To Tango", "Second Hand Wonderland" and "Explositive". Currently they are playing shows, promoting their fourth album.
Rock City Seven
Rock city angels
Rock City Seven is a cover band from Chicago, US, formed in 2009. Occasionally they also make original songs. Steve Nink (skins), Marc Malitz (bass), Michael LaVista (guitar/vocals), Matt Uremovich (vocals), Matt Nelson (guitar/keys/vocals/novelty)
At first I will play songs in different genres from different parts of the world and the last 15 minutes are reserved for the lovers of rock. You will also hear some artists who I have played recently. That is because I got some new songs from them. Like last week, also this week the votes of the numbers one and two in the charts were close until the last hours of the voting. Who won? You will find out in about 25 minutes!
Song of the Week
Gayle Skidmore grew up by the sea. Already as a little girl, playing in driftwood houses and rescuing jellyfish that the sea waves had thrown ashore, she knew that she wanted to make music, "to create beautiful, moving songs that capture hearts that wash ashore and carry them back out to sea."

Singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore started in 2002 and has already made over 2000 songs, which she plays accompanying herself on the piano, dulcimer, guitar, banjo and even more instruments. Gayle also composes string parts for her violinist and cellist.

In 2003, Gayle Skidmore won the True American Records Songwriting Contest. She was nominated for Best Pop Album for Cowley Road in the 2009 San Diego Music Awards, nominated for Best Americana in the 2010 San Diego Music Awards, nominated for Best Pop Album in the 2011 San Diego Music Awards, nominated for Best Acoustic in the 2012 San Diego Music Awards and she became winner at Best Singer Songwriter 2013 San Diego Music Awards. Gayle's latest album Sleeping Bear was nominated for Best Pop Album in the 2014 San Diego Music Awards. In 2015 she won Best Pop in the San Diego Music awards and best folk song for Rag Doll in the Akademia Music Awards.

The album Sleeping Bear, as well as Gayle's earlier releases, can be purchased via Gayle Skidmore's website.
Charts Oct 14 2016
Gayle Skidmore
Rag doll
Ophelia Syndrome
North sea
Sarah's Blue Dress
Sadness lane
June Caravel
The best dancer in town
Paul Golian
Feels like
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
The riddle room
Divine héroïne
The Symptoms
Sleeping rocks