Playlist Dec 18 2015
Casee Wilson
Shadows on the run
Casee Wilson is a singer-songwriter from York, UK. So far she released 3 albums, "Beggars and Blues", "Riptides" and "Here At A Distance". In 2014 she released an EP, "Tales From the Undertow". She releases via her record label "Tiny Cat Records".
The Akibas
Sick and tired
The Akibas is a country band from Devon in the UK, started in 1994. So far they have released 3 albums "Origin of the Sun" in 1994, "Tree of Loving Soul" in 2004 and "Queen of the South" in 2006.
Johnno Casson
Ain't it a marvellous life
Johnno Casson was born in London, currently he is based in Colchester. He released his album "Window Shopping" in 2012. It is produced by the Dutch producer Wim Oudijk and released on the independent British label Folkwit Records.
Martin van de Vrugt
Drop my case
Martin van de Vrugt is from Deventer, the Netherlands. He is a composer, a singer, plays guitar and harmonica and has been writing songs since 1980. He records in his home studio, not only his own music, but other independent musicians too.
Songs of Aran
Smoke and fire
Songs of Aran is the project of Aran Jeurissen. He is a Dutch singer-songwriter with Irish roots and has released 2 albums, "Nothing Personal" and "Into The Waves". He describes his genre as "pop music mixed with a little folk, indie and new wave".
Julie Lamb
I'm telling you no
Julie Lamb is a (70's vibed) rock-based singer-songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand. She usually records and plays with her band. So far she has released 3 albums "Most and Least" (2008), "Trippin' the Light" (2012) and "When We Hang Out" (2014).
Elise Azevedo
Elise Azevedo is from Portugal. She has recorded 2 albums so far, a double CD "Afflicted" in 2006 and a single CD "Sugarless" in 2008. The style of her music is a mix of jazz, fusion and folk.
Rosa Sky
For no apparent reason
The Dutch band Rosa Sky was formed in 2007. They describe their music as passionate and authentic, somewhere between folk, blues, country and pop. They have released 3 albums, "Sweet Surrender", "All Around Us" and "White Electric Wizard".
тело (Body)
Russian band Ill!noiz (иллинойз) are a psychedelic sextet known for their eclectic music and absurd lyrics. As they say, they please and tease, show up and vanish and they are weirdos that are outside of any trends. The band has released 2 albums.
Benny Mayhem
Bulwer street waltz
Benny Mayhem is from Australia. Until a year ago he played in a punk band. After the band broke up, instead of starting a new band at once, he decided to travel and tour as a folk-punk troubadour. Benny Mayhem is already planning his next tour.
Electric Fence
Hi bitch, bye bitch
Electric Fence is a 5-piece band from Bucharest, Romania, started in 2009 by Elena Vasile and David Ciente. If you are from Romania, you know them for sure. They composed "Sun-ta" as their Eurovision entry and ranked no. 2 in the national selection.
Song of the Week
The longest road
Writersday is the solo project of singer-songwriter Sjoerd Hoogma from Amsterdam. His poetic and direct lyrics take the listener into the small and large issues of life. He records in his own analogue studio and tours a lot in the Netherlands.
IreneB is from Barcelona in Spain. In 2005 she graduated in modern music and jazz, in 2006 she released her debut EP "Mi Realidad", in 2009 she released her debut R&B album "Metamorphosis" and in 2012 she released her second album "Welcome Back".
Jana G.
Mixed signals
Jana G. is from Chicago, US. Her music is bold bouncy pop, which is the style she believes in. She released her debut EP "I Am Jana I Am Pop" in 2012. In 2014 she released a second EP "Mixed Signals".
Project Silence
Project Silence is a project is from Kuopio in Finland. This project was formed in 2008 by Delacroix on the idea to make aggrotech based music with a mix of metal and industrial. This started as a solo-project, nowadays it is a 5-person project.
We are approaching the end of the year. Already next week, on December the 25th we will bring you our last program for 2015.

Today we will play 15 songs in TalentCast. One of these is of course our Song of the Week winner. Dutch listeners might know the winner already, because nowadays his songs are also played by some Dutch national radio stations. I will play the winner towards the end of the program. The rest of the songs are very varied. The genres vary from peaceful at the beginning of the program till extreme loud at the end.
Song of the Week
The Longest Road
Writersday is the solo project of Sjoerd Hoogma, singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. His pop/Americana songs are wound around autobiographical lyrics.

Sjoerd sings, plays guitar and harmonica and records most of his music himself in his analogue studio. Some of his songs have been recorded at the Sun Studio in Memphis.

You can often see Writersday live, performing solo or with his band in the Netherlands, USA, UK and Germany.

The Longest Road is Sjoerd's second single. It has been played on Dutch National Radio and is available on Amazon and iTunes.

In March 2016 Writersday will release his debut album, both in digital form and on vinyl.

Website of Writersday
Charts Dec 18 2015
The longest road
Rock City Seven
All went down
Gayle Skidmore
Rag doll
This Flight Tonight
Erinn Williams
I think you see me
Instead of Ink
Is calling for you
Pure Dead Brilliant
Wanna be free