Playlist Nov 27 2015
Cy Vanka
That is love!
Cy Vanka is the project of Cyriel van Kappel from The Netherlands. He wrote his first song when he was 13, studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and has worked in various recording studios with bands like the Golden Earring and Vandenberg.
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian ft. Polymnia Kondili
Looking for Eden
Yannis-Hovhannes Berberian is from Greece. He got his post-grad degree at the Trinity College of Music in London and has played in several bands in Greece and Canada. Nowadays he mostly writes songs featuring female vocals.
Ellie Williams
Singer-songwriter Ellie Williams from UK has released 2 albums so far, "Unseen" in 2009 and "Hope" in 2012. It took her just 50 days to raise a budget of $50,000 for her debut via crowd-funding. In 2016 she will release her third album "Osito".
Jäätyvä järvi
Kardemimmit is a folk music band from Finland of 4 young ladies who sing and play the kantele, a typical Finish instrument. So far they released 3 albums: "Viira" in 2006, "Kaisla" in 2009 and "Autio Huvila" in 2012.
Vero is the project of self-taught singer-songwriter Vero Shatkovskey from Toruń, Poland. She started to write, sing and to play instruments at the age of 6. Her lyrics tell real stories.
Ready for the fall
Inge is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. The style of her music is described as easy listening, sometimes with a poppy or jazzy touch. She has released 2 albums, "I See You" in 2010 and "Heaven Knows" in 2013, both were funded by her fans.
Katie Thompson
Always present
Katie Thompson is a singer-songwriter from Hokitika, New Zealand. She has released 2 albums ("Tall Poppy" and "Impossible") and 1 live EP ("Moving On"). The style of her music is a mix of folk, pop and country.
Song of the Week
Julia Marcell
Julia Marcell is originally from Poland, nowadays she lives in Germany. So far she has released 3 albums, "It Might Like You", "June", "Sentiments" and 1 EP "Storm EP". Currently she is touring and promoting her latest album.
Clive Barratt
Weirdos on the loose
Singer-songwriter Clive Barratt comes from Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Nowadays he lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. In October 2014 he has released his debut album "Wall of Storms", funded online by his fans, produced by Rob Begg.
Lunic is the solo project of singer-songwriter, electronic musician, and multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page, originally from New York, currently based in Dallas, Texas. So far she has relesed 3 albums "Skeletons", "Lovethief" and "Future Sex Drama".
Du sang de la lune
Laïxa is the duo of singer Paméla and instrumentalist Chris from France. Both like to make jingles for radio stations and radio shows, also for TalentCast.
On my own
Hessa is the 4-piece rock band of Ian, Rob, Alivio and Jeanette from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The members know each other for a long time already and played together in the past. After a long break they met again and decided to continue.
Boardwalk Isabella
Oh the ground was hard
Boardwalk Isabella is a 6-piece band, formed in 2011 in Devon, UK. They describe themselves as the grooviest rock & roll band on the planet. In 2013 they released their debut album "Headed for the Promised Land".
KONTRUST is a 6-piece rock band from Austria, formed in 2001. They have released 4 albums so far, "Welcome Home", "Time To Tango", "Second Hand Wonderland" and "Explositive". In 2016 they will release their fifth album.
HarryBigButton is a hard rock trio from Seoul, South Korea. The name of the band is slang for a cheap, vintage car stereo. They have released 2 EPs, "Hard 'n Loud" in 2011 and "Perfect Storm" in 2014, and a full-length album "King's Life" in 2012.
Today we have a varied program with many different music genres and artists from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Greece, UK, US, New Zealand and even South Korea.

Last week our voting was a bit quiet, although we played some very talented artists. Let's hope this week it will be better again. If you like one of the songs we're playing more than others, remember you can vote for it on our website, and it takes only two clicks!

We start close to my home, in the Netherlands.
Song of the Week
Julia Marcell is originally from Poland, and nowadays lives in Berlin, Germany. So far she has released 3 full-length albums, It Might Like You (2009), June (2011) and Sentiments (2014). Her first release was an EP titled Storm EP (2007).

Julia Marcell about Sentiments: Julia Marcell plays music that is very song oriented. With the arrangements based around carefully composed, punchy drum parts, distorted bass, punctuated guitar and dirty, resonant viola, the music mixes a lot of genres, but never wanders too far from the pop idea of a song. A story locked in 3 minutes (from Julia Marcell's Facebook page).

The band: Julia Marcell (vocals, guitar, piano, songs), Mandy Ping-Pong (viola, keyboards, vocals), Thomsen Slowey Merkel (bass), Thomas Fietz (drums) and Sebastian Captain Schmidt (drums)

Website of Julia Marcell
Charts Nov 27 2015
Julia Marcell
Elizabeth Geyer
Until I've shown you Paris
Instead of Ink
Alexx Calise
Skitzo Calypso
The sickness of dreams
In my heart