Playlist Nov 6 2015
московское время (Moscow time)
Russian band Ill!noiz (иллинойз) are a psychedelic sextet known for their eclectic music and absurd lyrics. As they say, they please and tease, show up and vanish and they are weirdos that are outside of any trends. The band has released 2 albums.
Keko Yoma
Resiste! (Spanish version)
Keko Yoma is a 4-piece band from Santiago, Chile who combine rock, ska, Latin rhythms, comedy theater and several typical American and Australian instruments. This combination is wild, crazy and very much fun.
Ceilí Moss
La vie sans toi
Ceilí Moss is a 6-piece Celtic music band from Namur, Belgium! The band was formed in 1994 and have released 4 albums. Unfortunately the band split up earlier this year after being together for over 20 years.
Ophelia Syndrome
Can't be saved
The Canadian band Ophelia Sydrome was formed in 2002, when Trina Nadeau (cello) and Deanna Wells (vocals, keyboards) met during their studies. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane and Josh Kohler completed the band with drums, bass and backing vocals.
Electric Fence
Through the fire
Electric Fence is a 6-piece band from Bucharest, Romania, started in 2009 by Elena Vasile and David Ciente. If you are from Romania, you know them for sure. They composed "Sun-ta" as their Eurovision entry and ranked no. 2 in the national selection.
La Strange
La Strange is a rock singer from Italy, who started as a vocalist, singing in local cover bands. Later she began to write her own songs. In 2009 she met producer James D Bell and started La Strange. In 2012 she released her album "Queen of Disguise".
Aryn Michelle
End of the Renaissance
Aryn Michelle is a singer-songwriter from Dallas. As a teenager she taught herself piano and guitar. She also began writing songs. She pursued that passion and earned musical degrees from both Southwestern University and the Berklee College of Music.
Song of the Week
Rebecca Hosking
No reason
Rebecca Hosking is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville. She releases her music via her own record label "LoveLloyd Music". On our partner radio station Fame Music Radio in Johannesburg, South Africa she is one of the most requested artists.
Daniel Ward-Murphy
You live up in the stars
Daniel Ward-Murphy is a London based singer-songwriter. Nowadays he performs with a group of musicians known as "The Words". In 2008 he released his debut fan-funded album "Until the Morning Light".
Starry Knights
One last wish
Starry Knights is the project of singer-songwriter Paul Morabito from Boca Raton, Florida, US. He describes the genre as a mix of alternative pop, country crossover and folk crossover.
The Esoteric Gender
Pretty muted blue
The Esoteric Gender is trip-rock band, formed in Reykjavík, Iceland. Everyone in the band comes from a different country, Britain, France, Denmark, Ireland and Canada.
Beyond the blue
Curfew is an electronic music project from London, founded in 2000 by composer/producer Sönke Prigge. Curfew has released 3 albums: the self-titled "Curfew" in 2002, "Inside" in 2008 and "Outside" in 2012.
Leaving Richmond
Freezing light
Leaving Richmond is the ambient, atmospheric rock music project of instrumental composer and producer, Jordan Pier from Los Angeles, California, started in 2007.
Alphakraft Communications
Disco house
Alphakraft Communications is a one-person electronica project from Essen, Germany.
If you are in a good mood, I will make it even better. If you are in a bad mood, I will make you feel better by the end of the programme. Just stay tuned and enjoy the program filled with many happy tunes. We start in the Russian Federation.
Song of the Week
Charts Nov 6 2015
Rebecca Hosking
No reason
El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila
Take me all the way
Burning Table
Casee Wilson
Bitter fruits
Infinitus Mortus
Apryl Evans
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band
Beware the straw
KEPLER Junction
NRG Rising
From darkness to light
This Flight Tonight
Look my way