Playlist Sep 25 2015
Benny Mayhem
Mindless Greg The Media Consumer
Benny Mayhem is from Australia. Until a year ago he played in a punk band. After the band broke up, he decided to travel and tour as a folk-punk troubadour instead of forming a new band. "Mindless Greg The Media Consumer" is his first song online.
The Imaginary Suitcase
Mud stories
The Imaginary Suitcase is the solo project of Laurent Leemans from Belgium, who was also the singer and guitarist in the acoustic folk-rock combo Ceilí Moss. In 2012 he decided to start this solo project. Since then he has released 5 albums.
Mary Confurius
Have a heart
Mary Confurius is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. She likes to mix light and dark and translates her feelings into music. She writes the lyrics, composes, plays guitar and records in her home studio. She released one EP, titled "The Other".
Yossarian Malewski ft. Ofelia
Pokoje hotelowe
Yossarian Malewski is a composer, musician, filmmaker and storyteller from Warsaw, Poland. His genres are a mix of classical, jazz, illustrative music, experimental and ambient. He was the guitarist, pianist and clarinetist in rock band Red Point.
Trinity Yard
Trinity Yard is the electronic project of Lionardo Mendonça and Igor Danilovic from Zürich in Switzerland.
Alex Ganassini
Space balland
Alex Ganassini is from Italy. He began as a singer for many underground bands, nowadays he is a composer. He has released 4 albums so far, "Orpheus", "Caligula", "Space Balland" and "Technology For The Soul".
Son of Theia
Son of Theia is an alternative and experimental rock band from Chisinau, Moldova, formed earlier this year. "Lighthouse" is their debut single.
Frenetic is a 1-person project from the Russian Federation.
Evija Vēbere
Pixies dance
On a Latvian Jazz summer camp Evija Vēbere discovered her passion for improvisation. In 2014 she released her debut album "Dream Whispers". In 2015 she graduated from Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. While studying there, she formed a band.
Song of the Week
Natalia Safran
Rockets fly
Singer-songwriter Natalia Safran is from Los Angeles. She writes, produces and performs music together with her brother, Mikołaj Mick Jaroszyk. Natalia Safran has released her debut album "High Noon" in 2011.
Chasing Antics
Don't go slow
Chasing Antics is the project of Alwyn van Deventer from South Africa. He likes to experiment with sounds. His music is sometimes soothing and mellow and sometimes hard and uplifting.
Leaving Richmond
Metro trains (Transfer remix)
Leaving Richmond is the ambient, atmospheric rock music project of instrumental composer and producer, Jordan Pier and Adam Sanborne from Los Angeles, started in 2007. In July 2014 they released their latest EP, titled "An Elusive Glow".
Tassos Sotirakis
Red in black
Tassos Sotirakis is a musician from Athens, Greece. He started studying music at the age of 11, got a degree and received the highest distinction from the Greece ministry of culture. Genres: instrumental, experimental, progressive
Nice that you have tuned in again. Today, just like last week, I will play relaxed music, perhaps because I am a bit feverish at the moment. You will hear 4 newcomers, the Song of the Week and some new songs from artists we have played before.

This is already the last program for September. October will be an extra musical month for TalentCast with lots of new music to discover, because next to 5 regular programs we will host 2 album listening sessions. In the first session we'll host the new album of The Imaginary Suitcase from Belgium. This session will take place on Sunday the 4th. The second session is planned for Thursday the 29th. In this session we will host the new album of Casee Wilson, singer-songwriter from the UK.
Song of the Week
Natalia Safran
Rockets Fly
Singer-songwriter Natalia Safran writes, produces and performs music together with her brother, Mikołaj Mick Jaroszyk. Her debut album High Noon was funded by international fans on fanfunding website SellaBand, where Natalia collected 50 000 $. The album was recorded in Poland, where Natalia comes from, and the US, where she lives now.
Charts Sep 25 2015
Natalia Safran
Rockets fly
Suzanne Aurore
Le torrent
180º Virvar
Gabby Young & Other Animals
One foot in front of the other
IdiotHead - Free market music (Bipolar bears remix)
Mysti Mayhem
Which one will you be