Playlist Sep 4 2015
Ophelia Syndrome
The Canadian band Ophelia Sydrome was formed in 2002, when Trina Nadeau (cello) and Deanna Wells (vocals, keyboards) met during their studies. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane and Josh Kohler completed the band with drums, bass and backing vocals.
I pay
Amycanbe is a 4-piece band from Cervia, Italy, started in 2002 by Marco and Mattia. So far they have released 3 albums ("Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated", "Mountain Whales" and "Wolf") and 2 EPs ("Yellow Suit" and "The World Is Round").
Ampia Vista
Embracing melodies
Ampia Vista is a solo-project from Italy. He has been making music for a long time, still before the first internet music sites. His songs combine different styles, from simple pop songs to more complex rock.
Crosseyed Miles
That November
Crosseyed Miles is the solo project of singer-songwriter Greg Polmateer from Rochester, New York.
Songs of Aran
Shut the door
Songs of Aran is the project of Aran Jeurissen. He is a Dutch singer-songwriter with Irish roots and has released 2 albums, "Nothing Personal" and "Into The Waves". He describes his genre as "pop music mixed with a little folk, indie and new wave".
This Flight Tonight
This Flight Tonight are from Auckland, New Zealand. They have released 2 EPs so far, "Friendly Fire" and "Daylight". At the moment they are working on their third EP.
Jeff Hayman
Penelope brigade
Jeff Hayman is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Mandurah, Western Australia. In 2008 he moved to Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. Since the age of 15 he has been playing and writing songs.
Song of the Week
Franka De Mille
So long
Franka De Mille describes the style of her music as acoustic-baroque-folk which bridges many influences and traditions. She grew up in Paris, but has lived most of her life in London. She has released her debut album "Bridge the Roads" in 2010.
Clive Barratt
I'm without you (fast version)
Singer-songwriter Clive Barratt comes from Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Nowadays he lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. In October 2014 he has released his debut album "Wall of Storms", funded online by his fans, produced by Rob Begg.
Cy Vanka (Cyriel van Kappel)
Wild wild sea
Cy Vanka is the project of Cyriel van Kappel from The Netherlands. He wrote his first song when he was 13, studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and has worked in various recording studios with bands like the Golden Earring and Vandenberg.
Eat This
If you've got the guts
Eat This is a band of 4 experienced musicians from London. They have released 2 albums so far. Their debut, "The Number One Album" got very good reviews, especially in "Classic Rock Magazine". Two of the album tracks won a "Platinum Auddy" award.
Nigga like you
Psychopigs are a 5-piece band from Galway, Ireland, formed in 2008. They released their debut album in 2012. Their genre is a mix of punk, hardcore, metal, rock and funk.
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society
Red blue skies
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society is a 4-person band from San Juan, Puerto Rico, US, formed in 2004. Their genre is a blend of alternative, classic rock, power pop and roots rock. They have released 2 albums, "Good Things" and "After Hours".
Infinitus Mortus
The warrior within
Infinitus Mortus is a symphonic metal band from New Jersey. This started off as a studio project by Stephen Megna in 2008. Vincent James Meehan and his sister Caitlin joined the band in 2011.
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Song of the Week
Charts Sep 4 2015
Franka De Mille
So long
In your world
Monkey boy
Crosseyed Miles
Alex Highton
Little rocks
Blue strike
Cris Tanzi
Moon river
Guru in a lovetown
Rosa Sky
Big sky
The future