Summer Break 2018 + New proposal new season
dj.fregerHello Johan & Co,

Your summer break starts early this year.

I hope you can upload your batteries for the new season start in September.

Summer season means a lot of gigs for independent artists, I hope you can visit a lot and enjoy the live music.

For the new season I will bring on a proposal: 

So far only artists may send you their new music to play in your Talentcast radio show.

Lots of artists from over the globe heard even never of

You know I'm for lots of years a free promotor of independendent music or signed music at very small 'own' labels.

I gave over the 18+ years a lot of independent artists airplay at several interner radios around the globe.

Is it a good idea that people as myself, there are lots others with the same independent music mission, may send in new music of artists.

Possibly your first reaction will be, "that's not honest there you can vote for your own favorite music". But artists can also vote for their own song. A fan of promoter can bring on one song a week. It's not sure that you will play/use that song.

I like to read comments on this proposal not only from Johan, but also other TalenCast members.

Thank you in advance,

I have also a second suggestion, all is Sellaband for many years bankruptcy by the thief of the own boss by stealing all money from artists and believers (funders as myself, I lost € 560,- !!) that was dropped on special waiting bank account. In your start jingle of the podcast you use still uses 'This is Sellaband'. I think it's high time for a new start jingle without Sellaband, the site exists no more

There are enough good music platforms as ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, MySpace, Drooble, etc...that can be named.

Kind regards,

Frederik Plets (radio Dj Freger)
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Johan Jongerius
Thanks for starting this discussion Frederik.

Huh? There is really not one word about SellaBand in TalentCast, already for very many years. The jingle starts with This is TalentCast. When SellaBand was still online, the jingle was longer and ended with All the way to 50K. Of course I have removed that part from the jingle.

Yes, it would be much easier and nicer to make TalentCast when artists don't have to sign up, and just can send their music via e-mail, but I need permission from the artists to podcast their music, and I need to be able to prove that.

One of the reasons to stop TalentCast a month earlier this season is that too few good musicians and bands join at the moment. The biggest reason for that is that our project is already for a long time hard to find in search engines. That's an issue I am trying to solve for a very long time already. Last weeks I did some big updates for search engines (not for visitors) and I really hope these will fix the issue. For me it's very disappointing that independent artists hardly can find TalentCast in search engines, because via podcast websites and Facebook the listeners can find us quite well. I am very happy with the listening numbers at the moment.

Another reason to stop a bit earlier is that TalentCast takes me really a lot of time, over 30 hours a week, frequently even much more. Because of my very low vision, I can only be online from my big screen in the studio. This screen is not a computer monitor, but a big TV. Also the studio is not a very comfortable place to be in this time of the year. It's very warm here.
Hello Johan,

First, sorry for the start jingle of TalentCast, I heard it as SAB but in real it's TalentCast. My wife listened too and she say direct it's TalentCast and I had her nothing said aboutt SAB. I listened again and lowered the tempo now I heard it myself it's TalentCast.

Second, my proposal to send in new music of artists as promoter or fan, I ask always permission to artists.

When they ask me to wait with airplay or promoting until the single is released I respect that but I can only speak about myself.

Indeed when you search independent music via google, TalentCast isn't showing. Maybe think about to add independent music to the name TalentCast Independent Music Show but in your jingle you can use still the old one. It's just a way to find TalentCast faster at google or other search engines and it gave better results on facebook too. It's just an idea and I now it's not easy to change a name after so much years.

I know about your low vision and understand you very well. Since I'm diabetic the last 3 years my vision becomes very fast lower and lower and stronger glasses doesn't help. I use a big computer screen that stays about 35 cm before my face. I'm already for 9 years 24/7 in my low-hi-bed in our living room, ever 2 seconds get extra air and oxygen under very high pressure via a tracheothomy from a breathing application. I need to zoom in until 150% but some days even 200%.

In browsers like Firrfox, Opera or Chrome is this no problem but in Windows folders and subfolders it isn't possible so I lost there lots of time to select the music I will use in my radio shows. My uncurable muscular dystrophy type Becker (BMD) becomes worser and worser, without my breathing application I was already 10 years here anymore. My big independent music mission is a real drug to let my fight for every day more. My mission is long not completed but this will it be never. I can't never win the battle against the monster in my body where I'm born with.

Some days I even not sleep to get finished what I had planned, I sleep even with my headphone on (without music). When I not touch the computer you can be sure it's not possible when I have too much pain or my wife knows that breathing is so bad (a pneumonia is brooding) that they must urgent bring me to hospital.

Johan, our both independent music mission if for many years the same, alone we do it on our own way.
Johan Jongerius
I don't really see it as my mission to spread the word about independent music. I simply often don't enjoy what I hear on the radio, and I know there is so much good much music which gets so little attention. At least now quite some listeners who are into discovering new music, discover these artists via TalentCast.

The problem with the search engines is that the website constantly gets a so called algorithm penalty. For example: After quite some tests I discovered that I cannot have the Song of the Week text about the artist on the main page and on the playlist of this week. I now permanently removed the text from the main page, only for that reason, not because I want to. I changed much more, and I hope to see the results of that in a few weeks. When the penalty is gone, the website will for sure perform better with key words which are important for our project.

I know that you also you ask permission to the artists for your radio show, but I still prefer my system. When artists join and use the upload page to send music, I can prove they really want their music to be broadcast and podcast, and I have all administration on one place.

When I read your story about your health, I can't complain about mine. There is also much more than just my low vision, but at least I am still so lucky that I can still freely move around, without being connected to a machine. That's quite something, I realize.

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