Summer break...

Summer break...
Discussion is started by Kattern, June 01, 2017
Hi Johan :-)

I wish You great, nice time :-) Just asking... - how long?

With Best Regards!

Kattern, June 1, 2017
Johan Jongerius
Hi Kattern,

The first programme for the 11th season of TalentCast will be online on September the first.

Currently I am programming on the website and setting up my 17 year old spare server with a new operating system (Debian 9.0) and server software. Nothing exiting will change. This year I am mainly concentrating on improving the security of the website and server, and the reliability. I hope the spare server and website will be ready to test at the beginning of July. While testing and debugging, I will replace all hardware and set up the main server.

On August the twelfth it's TalentCast tenth anniversary. Maybe I will make a special edition of TalentCast because of that event.

I wish you and everybody else who reads this a great and sunny summer.
Johan Jongerius, June 2, 2017
Hi Johan!

Thank You very much! 

Good news about new hardware and software - fingers crossed!

I wish a great and sunny summer for You too :-)

Best Regards!

Kattern, June 2, 2017

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