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Johan Jongerius
Gayle Skidmore wrote: 
Hi Johan! I love TalentCast!  Keep up the good work! <3 Gayle Skidmore

Thank you Gayle, I will.

Now first a lot of maintenance (new hardware, new server software and some fixes in the website), then a break of a few weeks. On September the first I am back again.
Bamil wrote: I've been less than a month on TalentCast and I really glad I made it here which I first knew about from my friend John McMenamin from Moscato. It's a great source for us INDIE artists. I love visit this great site and participate in it opportunities to show my music work to the world.
Cheers Bamil, all the Best, Moscato

Benny Mayhem
Johan Jongerius wrote: Hi TalentCast Members,

Since the summer break TalentCast has been doing rather well, More people are tuning in and visiting the website. These are just numbers and not a reason to sit back.

So far there has been little response from our members, but for sure some of you will have an opinion or ideas about the radio programme, the website or the project as a whole. That is why I have just started this new thread, to learn from you about what is going right, what is going wrong, what can be improved, but most of all, your new ideas. Your feedback will be very appreciated and I am looking forward to a lively discussion with you.
Keep up your good work mate!

Johan Jongerius
For sure I will Benny. Thank you very much.

It was really nice to meet you and Chester, and to see you both perform in Leeuwarden last Wednesday.

Success with touring France the upcoming weeks and have a good time together. Oh yeah, don't forget to say 'hi' to Chester from me.
Benny Mayhem
Thanks Johan! It was great to see you too. I'll say 'hi' for sure. Cheers.
Johan Jongerius
Peter S wrote: Johan, regarding presentation, one thing I like about TalentCast is the sound of your voice.

The sound of the presentation will sound even better from now on. This week I managed to reduce the noise produced by several devices (server, workstation and tube lamps) in the studio. I just finished the recording of the programme for next Friday (the 20th) and I am quite satisfied with the more quiet background sound during my presentation.

This week I also solved a small issue with the upload page. The progress of the uploads didn't show after I installed the new server software this summer. Last Sunday I noticed that a part of the webserver software I used soon wouldn't be supported any more, so I decided to replace it. The problem was probably because of that piece of software, because now the progress of uploads show again. This update also helps to let the website load a bit faster and the webserver uses memory much more efficiently.

If you notice any issues with the website, please inform me, in this thread or via our contact page. Thank you.

Update October 19:

Today I found finally the solution for an issue with the podcast player and with downloading podcasts. While listening or downloading, you couldn't browse the website, at least not with the same browser. It took me very many hours to find out what caused this issue, mainly because I was searching in the wrong direction. The solution was just one line of code.
Ac(e) G
Hello Johan!

First of all, thank you for your efforts on independent music!

I like the design of the website. It's straight forward, well structured, easy to use and has a real good performance.

In the end it's the content that makes a good site, not all that unnecessary pling, pling people tend to use wihtout adding information, and just linking to some other places.


Johan Jongerius
Hi Wolfgang,

I am glad you like the look of the website. So now and then I hear that it looks a bit vintage, but this is how I like it myself, also because superfluous extras only makes the website so much slower. The server is also connected via a very slow internet connection. That's another reason to keep it simple.

Thank you for joining TalentCast and for your response. Have a great weekend.
Jürgen Joherl
Hello's cool to get informed & sure appreciated you selected again one of my Instrumental for your weekly radioshow/ thank you much!...also, everything on the TalentCast website works smoother & more stable meanwhile!...that's great & more enjoyable for every user and probably also for yourself :-)..anyway, cheers for your work & support of all kind of Indie best wishes & greets from Amsterdam, JJ
Johan Jongerius
Thank you Jürgen. Nice that you notice the changes on the website. I changed quite a lot. There are also a lot of invisible improvements to make our project more visible on the internet, which brings us many more listeners at the moment.

Thanks for sending new tracks. I will listen to them this weekend, and play one within a few weeks, probably the others later this year.

Have a great weekend

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