What is your opinion about TalentCast? - (Page 3)

What is your opinion about TalentCast? - (Page 3)
Discussion is started by Johan Jongerius, November 03, 2016
Hi Johan! I love TalentCast!  Keep up the good work! <3 Gayle Skidmore

Gayle Skidmore, May 26, 2017
Johan Jongerius
Gayle Skidmore wrote: 
Hi Johan! I love TalentCast!  Keep up the good work! <3 Gayle Skidmore

Thank you Gayle, I will.

Now first a lot of maintenance (new hardware, new server software and some fixes in the website), then a break of a few weeks. On September the first I am back again.
Johan Jongerius, May 26, 2017
Bamil wrote: I've been less than a month on TalentCast and I really glad I made it here which I first knew about from my friend John McMenamin from Moscato. It's a great source for us INDIE artists. I love visit this great site and participate in it opportunities to show my music work to the world.
Cheers Bamil, all the Best, Moscato

Moscato, September 2, 2017

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