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Discussion is started by Johan Jongerius, November 03, 2016
I am just thankful that there are devoted people like you Johan that give a voice or should I say an ear to the Indie artists. It is so very, very hard to get people to listen to our music, so good folks like you are a much welcomed friend to the Indie artist. Thanks for all you do Johan, it is much appreciated, at least my this Indie artist.
GoLian, February 27, 2017
In the begin Talentcast was closely connected to crowdfunding site Sellaband, everyone knows what's happened and how it came to an end. Also music platforms ReverbNation and MySpace are a source for the weekly music program and charts by voting. Later became Soundcloud and as last Bandcamp also a source. 

Together with Johan his private music collection are this music websites an enormous great source to create the weekly radio program.

My personal vision that I finds always the same names go back into the playlists while there are a multitude of other artists who have never got a chance. 

On the basis of the number of votes you notice that there is only a small group of listeners are constant (+/- 30). There are certain artists once again in the list than there are that week suddenly a mass more votes. 

I do wonder whether this really all be listened or that fans and friends who just vote at the request of certain artists. 

I listen every week here at Talent Cast of Fame Music Radio and of course I vote also for my personal favorites..
dj.freger, March 19, 2017
Johan Jongerius
Hi DJ Freger, Thanks for your reply. With the amount of podcast listeners you are quite right (about 65 listeners a week at the moment), but don't forget we have also thousands of listeners via FM, cable radio, digital radio, the news text channel of Ede TV and internet radio of Ede FM. These listeners don't come to our website to vote. They are in their car on their way home, read the news text on Ede TV or do whatever. We have a few active listeners who come to vote, but mainly fans of the artists who are played in the programme are willing to vote. I am often surprised that podcast listeners don't vote, because they are already online, but it's the way iit is.

GoLian, also thank you for your opinion.
Johan Jongerius, March 20, 2017

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