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What is your opinion about TalentCast?

Discussion is started by Johan Jongerius, November 03, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Hi TalentCast Members,

Since the summer break TalentCast has been doing rather well, More people are tuning in and visiting the website. These are just numbers and not a reason to sit back.

So far there has been little response from our members, but for sure some of you will have an opinion or ideas about the radio programme, the website or the project as a whole. That is why I have just started this new thread, to learn from you about what is going right, what is going wrong, what can be improved, but most of all, your new ideas. Your feedback will be very appreciated and I am looking forward to a lively discussion with you.
Johan Jongerius, January 22, 2017
Very happy with TalentCast, that give independent artists the oppertunity to be heard.

The presentation of the playlist could be better, it's very Dutch-English, sorry for that!
Piet Louter, November 3, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Thank you Piet. I really do my utmost with presenting the programme and I realize myself that it's far from perfect. I am afraid that I am more talented with mathematics and physics than with speaking and writing in foreign languages.

TalentCast started nine years ago with another presenter, but she left in 2010. Although presentation is not my favourite thing to do, I took it over to continue TalentCast.

Also thank you for uploading your new songs.
Johan Jongerius, November 3, 2016
I like TalentCast as it is, great idea and lots of interesting music! Thank You very much!

Kattern, November 7, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Good to hear from you Kattern. Thank you very much.
Johan Jongerius, November 4, 2016
Martin Nicholas
Great having somewhere to listen to Independent artists
Martin Nicholas, November 4, 2016
I've been less than a month on TalentCast and I really glad I made it here which I first knew about from my friend John McMenamin from Moscato. It's a great source for us INDIE artists. I love visit this great site and participate in it opportunities to show my music work to the world.
Bamil, November 4, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Thank you Martin and Bamil. I really appreciate your response.
Johan Jongerius, November 5, 2016
Peter S
Johan, regarding presentation, one thing I like about TalentCast is the sound of your voice. You're an improvement on MissY.

With Sellaband gone it is nice to have a forum here, so that is one thing that has gone right, even though the forum has not been used much yet.
Peter S, November 5, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Thanks Peter, nice to hear that, although I really enjoyed it to make the programme together with MissY.

I am sad that so many people only use Facebook nowadays. A forum is so completely different, not only your Facebook friends and fans read it, but also others who have the same interests and people who find us by coincidence, for example via search engines.

I made the forum, because so far I am making the programme, artists send music and listeners tune in via the podcast or radio, but there is hardly any interaction. I think the interaction with listeners and artists is what I miss the most since the SellaBand forum is gone.

Also nice that almost everybody uploads a photo. This is the first time that I see how the forum really looks. It was quite a job to make it, because I almost never use code of others when I program for the website. On the forum only the rich text editor is made by somebody else, Trix editor.
Johan Jongerius, November 5, 2016
Benny Mayhem
TalentCast is great - I really enjoy the fresh music, enthusiasm and, as an artist, appreciate your support!

I think forums are fun, so long as they are well-moderated and steps put in place to combat spam and abuse (which I have experienced).

In recent years I am certainly guilty of putting most of my time into social media, especially Facebook. I don't know why this is, but I guess time and the fact that Facebook has network and content in the same place.

Also, with the popularity of smartphones, communication systems that come with an app are much easier for checking/communicating on the go. I guess it's important to have a strong social media strategy in place, so that folks are reminded of the site and will check regularly.

One thing I'm not a big fan of is Google+, it messes with my Google Calendar which I use for a very specific purpose, so I have had to decline these invites, but that doesn't mean I am not listening! Haha.

There's no harm in using others' code and templates such as WordPress when making websites, it can really help you save time and give you lots of flexibility to make fast changes.

All the best and keep up the good work!
Benny Mayhem, November 8, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Thanks for your long reply Benny. I started this thread to learn from opinions of our members, but compliments are also nice to read.

I build the forum because one of our members suggested it and because I like it myself. Here are mainly visitors with the same interests and to me it somehow feels more cosily.

When I started to build the website, I wanted to learn and understand how everything works. Many code has vulnerabilities. For that reason I was always afraid to use code or templates of others. If there is a vulnerability in code of others, many people know about it. When you have your own code, it's for most people too much effort to find the vulnerabilities, at least for small projects like TalentCast. I also feel responsible to protect the account information of our members the best I can and I think I can only do that with writing all code myself.

And yes, I will continue as long as I get enough good independent music to play in the programme.
Johan Jongerius, November 9, 2016
Great to be played on global(!) radio. The earth is indeed flat on internet. Talentcast attracts so many varied styles and artists/bands and give them the boost on radiowaves. Radio is still an important force. The more listeners (and there are always curious ones), the better for unknown songs. Keep up the positive vibes!

Thanks for your support
JoosTVD, November 18, 2016
We have nothing but praise for Talentcast, great support with all new music, we used the album listening show to  great success. Keep up the good work Johan. The internet needs more people like you, bringing new music to the masses
The Crocked Monsieurs, November 20, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Also JoosTVD and The Crocked Monsieurs, thanks for your positive replies. You bring some good energy in these dark autumn days which I really hate.

And for our other members who didn't reply yet: Any response about TalentCast is welcome in this thread, positive, negative, suggestions, improvements, whatever.

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Johan Jongerius, November 20, 2016

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