Welcome to our brand new forum - (Page 2)

Welcome to our brand new forum - (Page 2)
Discussion is started by Johan Jongerius, August 12, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Thank you Kattern.

By the way, nice coincidence, I will play you in the programme this afternoon.

I wish you, and all other visitors of the forum a great weekend.
Johan Jongerius, February 17, 2017
Thank You Johan, very much...

Still no new songs, few ideas only, I try to collect money for new Propellerheads Reason 9.0, and I can't... Yes, I have a job :-)

So... I have no Reason... :-)


And seriously - I grow, to get back to music... to make something different, but still my own.

Thank You very much!

Kattern, February 17, 2017

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