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Discussion is started by Johan Jongerius, August 12, 2016
Johan Jongerius
Thank you Kattern.

By the way, nice coincidence, I will play you in the programme this afternoon.

I wish you, and all other visitors of the forum a great weekend.
Johan Jongerius, February 17, 2017
Thank You Johan, very much...

Still no new songs, few ideas only, I try to collect money for new Propellerheads Reason 9.0, and I can't... Yes, I have a job :-)

So... I have no Reason... :-)


And seriously - I grow, to get back to music... to make something different, but still my own.

Thank You very much!

Kattern, February 17, 2017
Your Page and Ideas are Amazing !!

greetings  Pluxx7MusicStudio
Pluxx7MusicStudio, December 18, 2017

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