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Johan JongeriusDear all,

I have just installed new updates for our website. It looks a bit different, the website is now mobile friendly and we finally have a place where we can meet each other, a forum. I am very happy with the forum and hope you will like it too and that you will use it for starting and joining interesting discussions.

I made it easy for you to follow the discussions which are interesting for you. When you are logged in to TalentCast, you fill see a dark red coloured switch, almost at the right top corner. If you click on it, the colour will change to green. From now on you will receive an e-mail when there are new replies in the discussion. If you don't want to follow the discussion any longer, you can click again on the same switch.

You won't get lost on the forum. On top of each page there is a grey header with white fonts. There you can see where you are and navigate through the forum.

Of course we keep an eye on this forum to check for interesting discussions, but also for spam. If we overlook something, you can help us by using the report button. Only together we can make this an interesting meeting place.

A lot has been changed on the website in the last two months and I did my best to check everything, although that is the most annoying part of programming a website. If you find any typo's or bugs, you can report them in this thread or via our contact form.

A note if you use Internet Explorer: To write on the forum you will need the most recent version (IE11).

If you still have a summer break: Have a good time. I will take a short break too now.

The next edition of TalentCast is planned to be out on September 2.
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Great idea!
Johan Jongerius
I am glad you like it Jeff.
Johan Jongerius
Last night I installed some more updates for the website, the last ones for now.

From now on you don't have to use the markup language BB code any more to spice up your texts when you post a gig, event, artist news or message. Now we use everywhere on the website the same (easy to use) rich text editor as we use on this forum. If you use Internet Explorer, you will need the newest version, IE11.

For the rest I solved some little bugs, increased the speed of the website a little bit and some pages work a bit better on mobile devices.

I am ready for the 10th season of TalentCast. I hope this season will be more interactive than before. Feel welcome to try out the new features of our website.
Johan Jongerius
I didn't keep my promise as you can see. I continued programming on the website, because I found some small issues and because I wanted the possibility of photos of our members on the forum.

If you upload a photo at Your settings (after logging in of course), it will show when you post on the forum.

While I was fixing some small issues, I discovered a bigger issue, at least it annoyed me a lot: A lot of old data in Artist news and messages was corrupted. Sometimes I need to convert data in the database to work well with new website updates. One of my conversion scripts was faulty. The typo was just one character, but the consequences were big.

I took me quite a lot of time to fix that, because first I had to find out when it happened. That took already some hours. Then I needed to convert the old database file to work well with the current website. At last I needed to make a small script to add the latest posts to the old database file. This was quite a job, but I managed and all history of TalentCast is online again.

One tiny issue is left for now, I will have to fix that later, because I am running out of time. In some conditions the podcast player might look wrong. The player works fine, so I think that can wait some days.

I also just checked the listening numbers of this summer. These made me very happy. Many people have not only listened to the latest edition of TalentCast, but also tuned in to many of the old programmes.

Tomorrow I will finally check the Videoclip of the Month requests we have received this summer and listen to all new uploads.

Just eight days to go until the first edition of TalentCast for this season.
Nice idea with the forum. Looks good. Now I just hope more people will come here.
Johan Jongerius
Thanks Christer. It's still quiet here, although I think a forum adds something to Facebook and Twitter. The website is quit well visited at the moment and you can reach different music fans here, others than only your followers and friends who know you already.

I really hope this will become a nice new meeting place for music fans and artists.
Johan Jongerius
Today I spend time fixing some small issues in the website. If you still find an issue, please let me know via our contact form.

The forum is still very quiet. Feel welcome to post here about music, interesting crowdfunding projects, radio, TalentCast or every other subject you want to share with our visitors and members.
Johan Jongerius
Today I installed again some website updates, nothing big and mainly bug fixes:

On low resolution screens the vote buttons on the voting page were showing wrong when a song title or artist/band name was very long.

On touch screens some links on the website were quite hard to click. I don't use a touch screen myself, so if you find more problematic links, please let me know in this thread.

The forum didn't work correctly for visitors who were not logged in, since I changed some code a few weeks ago. It looked like if these visitors could post, but if they tried they got an error message. Now the login page shows at the bottom of each thread again to visitors who are not logged in.

The most visible changes are the new search forms on the playlists, gigs and events pages, and on the forum. In the previous search forms you had to press enter to view the results of the search. Now you can still press enter, but also click on the search icon, which is especially handy when you use a touch screen.

Did you know that you can search for artist names as well as song titles on our playlists?

The search form on the gigs and events pages is quite frequently used by musicians who are looking for gig opportunities. That is why I don't remove the past gigs from the website. You can use the country selection form to check all posted gigs in a certain country. In the search form you can search for city names, states, provinces, regions, addresses and for venue names.

I received a question if it is possible to have the Videoclip of the Month more prominent on the main page. Of course it is. I moved the forum division with the most recent posts from the centre of the main page to the left, just below the menu. I also reduced the amount of upcoming gigs a bit. The Videcoclip of the Month is now on a more visible position.

If you have any comments about the website, this is the thread to post about it. For comments about TalentCast, you are welcome to post in Radio discussion. Any feedback is very appreciated.
Great ideas, looks good, Your page is unique!

Have a nice weekend!

Johan Jongerius
Thank you Kattern.

By the way, nice coincidence, I will play you in the programme this afternoon.

I wish you, and all other visitors of the forum a great weekend.
Thank You Johan, very much...

Still no new songs, few ideas only, I try to collect money for new Propellerheads Reason 9.0, and I can't... Yes, I have a job :-)

So... I have no Reason... :-)

And seriously - I grow, to get back to music... to make something different, but still my own.

Thank You very much!

Your Page and Ideas are Amazing !!

greetings  Pluxx7MusicStudio

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