New Southern Rock Album released
Front Hump CamelsHi guys,

we wanna let you enjoy our new released album, it's called "South Side", southern rock style music! Hoping you like it:
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Johan Jongerius
Welcome to TalentCast Front Hump Camels!

Thank you for joining and for sending 3 tracks from your new album. I am not able to make a weekly podcast any more because of health issues, but TalentCast still 24/7 broadcasts music via a stream and every Sunday via AM 1485 kHz too.

The place where I belong is added to the playlist for weekdays and Sunday mornings. Into the mist and Ready for Saturday night are added to the Saturday rock playlist.
Front Hump Camels
Oh We are sorry for your health issues... hoping you will be better, thank you for the pkaylist.

Front Hump Camels
HI Dear,

we can not found the playlists where our songs are... could you help us? Thanks
Johan Jongerius
The website only shows today's playlist and the player decides when which song is played, because they are selected randomly. For sure your tracks will be played regularly, but also I don't know when.

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