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KatternDear all,

Some time ago I released a new album, it is a bit different from the previous ones, I invite you to listen:

Have a good life :-)

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Johan Jongerius
Yes nice, thanks for uploading it.

By the way: I've added some of your tracks to the live stream with nonstop music. I just finished changing the player. It now shows which song is playing.

That was quite a big job, because I don't use the tags in the files, because most are wrong. My solution was to grep the file names from the log of the software. I underestimated what a huge job that was, programming in 4 languages to get it done. There was also an issue with differences in volumes of the different tracks. That's also much better since yesterday.
Hi Johan!

Thank You, great news!

I hope you are better with your health.I'm not very good mentally, but I can do it, maybe I wonder too often about

what is happening in the world. I just started a new album, cross your fingers please let me finish it one day :-)

Good luck, health and joy!

Kattern (MichaƂ Borkowski)
Johan Jongerius
No, my health situation isn't any better. I also won't get better. The main problem are my eyes. My vision lowered already to about or below 10%. To keep my last bit of vision I can't lift heavy things anymore or do sports. Even just working behind the computer screen makes the situation worse. That's the main reason why I can't make a weekly podcast anymore, because every bit of vision I loose is gone forever. Sometime I program a bit on the website as you noticed. That's something I can do at my own speed. Of course this situation has a very negative effect on my mental health too.

Success with your next album. Creating something new is a positive thing to do.

Also good wishes to you from NL.

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