New album released...

Nobody cares about it, but whatever, I recorded a new album and I wanted to share this moment of joy with you, I invite you, maybe someone will like a song ... :-)

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Johan Jongerius
Thanks for uploading it to TalentCast Michał. I will listen to it this week.
Hi Johan!

You were the first person to support me, Your radiostation is important to me, thank you!

I hope you are fine, I lost my job and it's generally bad, but well, everything passes ...

Have a good life!

Kattern (Michał Borkowski)
Johan Jongerius
Oh no, I am sorry to read you've lost your job. The Corona virus caused so many people serious trouble. I hope you will find a new job very soon. Hopefully it will be even a nicer job than your previous one.

Here it's rather fine, some not Corona related health issues. I lost my job 20 years ago because of these health issues, so that couldn't happen at least this time.

Stay healthy and best wishes from NL.

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