Into The Midnight Light
Brian E. ArsenaultJust recently (I'm Canadian) took up the task of creating an account on ReverbNation to post one of my songs called ... Into The Midnight Light. If you take the 3 minutes too listen, your goodwill and time will be greatly appreciated. If you choose to listen, please feel free to leave me a comment with your honest feedback along with any suggestions that you might have to improve the composition's lyrics and melody arrangement. Be brutally honest and share with me the pros and cons of what you hear, I assure you, your constructive criticism won't hurt my feelings. Your listening ear will provide me with a healthy resource for this songs merit of first time impressions. Also please leave me your calling card so that I may come by and reciprocate the time too listen and enjoy your music. Brian E. Arsenault
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Johan Jongerius
Welcome on TalentCast Brian.
Brian E. Arsenault
Johan Jongerius wrote: Welcome on TalentCast Brian.
Thank you!  I look forward to being apart of this community.  :)

Johan Jongerius
Brian, don't forget to upload some of your songs to TalentCast. Only then I am able to play it in my radio programme / podcast. Please only use the upload page to submit your music. The link to our upload page appears after logging in to TalentCast.

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