..... your voice searched for my new Album


Produzent, Sänger, Gitarrist, Keyboarder, Songwriter, Beatbauer, Tonstudio, Label 

..... your voice would be perfect for my genre ... meditadion, chillout, soundtrack, dance music, lounge music. I would like to have some voices as a demo of you to adapt to my music. I also like to send you my songs as a template, so that you can adjust to it ... Send me an answer ... so that we can connect with our music. I will release it worldwide under my label Pluxx7 Music Studio. Which of course also includes .... Info``s it on my blog or on my Fanpages 

 Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working with you.

 Send me your email address. Thanks

 Best regards Peter Lagarde

 Music Producer .. Manager

 Pluxx7 Music Studio. Germany

 Contact: pluxxx07@gmail.com 

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Ronn van Etten
Would love to give it a go on a song!

I love to do easy going stuff as well (as other more firm music).
Please send your songs to: mediadigitalton@gmail.com


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