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Edition: Friday, 23 March 2018
Duration: 00:57:36
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Music: Suzanne Aurore - J'ai tant voyagé, CATSELF - Little, Crosseyed Miles - Eternity, Writersday - Heaven can wait, World5 - Heartbeat of the world, Ambience of Carolina - Missing you, Morgan Wilson - Rain, Stefanie Black - I love you the way you are, The Forevers - The one for me, JoosTVD - Surprise!, TuneConcept - Breath, Vinny Davis - Build me up, knock me down, Martin Del Carpio - Spring snow, The Ritz Club - Walk away, Phil Kearney Music - Goldilocks zone

I will play one newcomer this time, an electronic pop solo project from Melbourne. All songs in the programme are relaxed. Towards the end I will give some extra attention to songs which are quite far away from main stream music, but of course still interesting to listen to. I will start with a Jazz musician from Paris and end with a solo project from Nebraska.
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