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Edition: Friday, 10 November 2017
Duration: 00:59:27
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Music: Amanda Campbell - Come closer, Annie Bacon - There should be a trophy for this, Gayle Skidmore - Paper box, Cris Tanzi - Over the rainbow, Kardemimmit - Voi sinä likka, Oona Kapari - Aamut, Miltos Marathon - Sweet invader, Piet Louter - When I die, Kattern - Silesia, Curfew - Counter culture, Regan Tucker - So long, Shawn Adam Williams - Motor city woman, The Ritz Club - The spooky walk, Coreign - Attack / Dreaming of you

This week you will hear two new artists on TalentCast (a country singer from New Zealand and a rockabilly musician from Georgia) and a convincing Song of the Week winner. Most of the music I am going to play is relaxed, only at the very end of the programme I will play two louder songs.

The first three songs are by musicians from California. All of them have upcoming performances, so maybe some of our Californian listeners would like to visit one of these. The first song is by a soul singer from Santa Monica.
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