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Edition: Friday, 27 October 2017
Duration: 00:59:50
File size: 109.6 MB
Music: Jacqueline Platt - Like a whisper, Mack Meadows - Cigarette, Mysti Mayhem - Come back around, Anni Wall - RIP Peter Steele, Mary Confurius - Dreams may sting, Stefanie Black - Winter of my soul, Ellie Williams - Glow, Katey Laurel - Hurricane (DJ Elie ADC remix), IreneB - A better place, JAii RyDa & Ras Shiloh - Know love, Radaid - Shine, Tidanomiyuki - Tanzaku, Earthspaces - Bouncy dance, Leaving Richmond - And now we stand up, Lady Citizen - Trap of flower bunch

The last song in the programme of last week was absolutely not the least, interesting because it's our new Song of the Week. I will play it in about 20 minutes.

Today I have also two TalentCast newcomers for you, a folk group from South Wales, and a music producer and songwriter from Jamaica. I will play some other new tracks sent by our artists and a lot of relaxed music. This week there are a few more mainstream songs in the programme than usual. Why not, as long as they are good?

The first song is by a country songwriter from Massachusetts.
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