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Edition: Friday, 2 September 2016
Duration: 01:02:13
File size: 57 MB
Music: The Symptoms - Viper face, Benny Mayhem - Song for absent friends, Nemesea - Twilight, CATSELF - Little, Emma Black - Last time love, Morgan Wilson - Fine, Starry Knights - Cold rains, Aly Cook - Kimberley, Rosa Sky - You're so distant, Piet Louter - Power-hungry men, Rion S - Stone cold, Paundy - In through cat door, Disco (formerly Neale 'Disco' Brown) - Mbinguni, IreneB - A better place, Battle Of Wood - D.A.D.

TalentCast's summer break is over. It’s good to be back and make radio again.

As you might have noticed, during the summer break Johan has worked on the website. Now it looks a bit different and it works fine on all mobile devices, it's easier to post events and we have a little forum.

We hope you will come to write on the forum, because we would like to have more interaction with our artists and with you, the listeners.

During the summer we received some new songs and Johan even recorded one. Two of the songs in the programme of today are by artists who joined TalentCast this summer.

Of course we have also selected a new Videoclip of the Month. You can watch it on the main page of our website.

Don't forget to vote for the song you like the most and of course: Enjoy the music!
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