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Edition: Friday, 26 May 2017
Duration: 01:00:54
File size: 111.5 MB
Music: Moarn - Getting higher, Merlot Embargo - Billy the kid, Tidanomiyuki - Te wo tataku, Wild Forest - Riddle, Shavonne - If you're gonna leave me, Arda & The Stolen Moon - Who am I kidding, Elmalita - You can't save me, Amanda Campbell - Mother nature, Earthspaces - Well, so what!, Elia - Set me free, World5 - Stay, The Flowered Gnomes - English cat, GoLian - Hey you, Red Ant Band - Burlesque queen, Goofy Cow - Over again

After this week, the tenth season of TalentCast will come to an end. During this season quite a few new musicians and bands have joined. Today you will hear a selection of these artists; among them, two artists who joined TalentCast last week.

I will also play the last Song of the Week for this season. As solo artist she has joined TalentCast this season, although our regular listeners know her already as the lead singer of The Strands.

This week there is no voting. Instead I recommend you visit our playlist of this week and check out the artists you are going to hear in the upcoming hour.

I will start with a suitable song for the warm weather here in the Netherlands. It's by a project from Spain.

The crew of TalentCast wishes you a nice, relaxed and sunny summer!
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