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Edition: Friday, 20 February 2015

Duration: 01:01:57

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Only independent music
Music: The Imaginary Suitcase - Grey pilgrim, Misses Nilsson - Drifted, Katey Laurel - Two birds, Franka De Mille - You'll never know, Anthony Way - Get over, Darren J Claxton - Was it right, Kane & Sun - Hindsight, Ill!noiz - среда (Wednesday), Nearfield - Wolves, Christer Holm - The capital of Zendar Prime, SoundCell - Night flight (dance remix), Project Silence - Alone (Crushed by your lies), Erinn Williams - One for the soldiers, Absolon - Pretender

Today I am going to play 14 songs. One of these is by an artist from Germany who will be played on TalentCast for the first time. Again I will play some songs from albums I really enjoy and of course I will play our Song of the Week winner. It was not too easy to win this week, because again quite many people came to our website to vote.
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