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Edition: Friday, 19 May 2017
Duration: 00:56:42
File size: 103.8 MB
Music: Julie Lamb - Standing proudly, JoosTVD - Chameleon girlfriend, Amanda Campbell - Mother nature, Ellie Williams - The lighthouse, Elizabeth Geyer - The party, Casee Wilson - Scarlet Casanova, VanderLinde - It will hurt, Rion S - Stone cold, Rosa Sky - White electric wizard, Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band - Dodging raindrops, All Those Ships - Broken cassette, The Symptoms - Persian tart, Boardwalk Isabella - The world is a mirror, Kontrust - Bad betrayer, Infinitus Mortus - One with the system

There are always more listeners when I announce that the music in the programme is relaxed and peaceful. This week most songs are relaxed and peaceful, only at the very end I will play some rock.

Not so many of the songs in last week's programme got votes, but we have a clear winner, a self taught vocalist and pianist from York, the UK. If there is a song you like the most, this weekend is your last chance to vote before our summer break.

I will start the programme at the other site of the globe, in New Zealand. I will play a track from the latest album of a funky blues rock musician.
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