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Edition: Friday, 21 April 2017
Duration: 01:00:24
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Music: David Folsom - Too busy to miss me, Inge Maria - Rewind, Natalia Safran - Big wave, Lucia Lilikoi - Little voice, Suzanne Aurore - Ces quelques lignes, Kailyarders - A mile straight down, Benny Mayhem - On the run, Ampia Vista - To the top, Clive Barratt - These are the rules, The Smashed Idols - Bring the invasion, Red Ant Band - Rock steady, This Flight Tonight - Lately, Gisel de Marco - Not enough of a man, Electric Fence - Ready, steady, go!, Tassos Sotirakis - Red in black

I have made a varied programme for you. I will play some mellow tunes, some singer-songwriters, some jazz, some rock and I will end with an instrumental piece.

A three-piece band from the UK joined TalentCast last week. You will hear them later in the programme, directly after the new Song of the Week.

I liked the voting of last week. Quite many votes came in for four of the songs I played. Just one can win, and in about half an hour you will hear which song it is.
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