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Edition: Friday, 26 June 2015

Duration: 00:58:41

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Our radio show will be back on Friday, September 4
Music: Chabliz - Blue strike, VanderLinde - In your world, Alex Highton - Little rocks, David Folsom ft. Sabrina Barringer - Welcome home, soldier, Crosseyed Miles - Eternity, Cris Tanzi - Moon river, Cati James ft. Starry Knights - Pretty love, Rosa Sky - Big sky, Franka De Mille - So long, Ve ro - Hawaii, JoosTVD - Guru in a lovetown, Neon Legion - Twin, Leaving Richmond - Reach out for a moment, for eternity, Technicolor - The future, KONTRUST - Monkey boy

Welcome to the last edition for this season.

Just in the last moment a newcomer joined TalentCast. It's an act from my home town Groningen. You will hear it today.

A lot of relaxed music in the program, but I will end with some rock. Of course we play the Song of the Week. It is a happy song this time.

Ede FM, Deventer Radio, Universe Radio and Fame Music Radio, thank you for broadcasting TalentCast and thank you all for tuning in.

We wish you a warm and sunny summer.

We are back with the 9th season of TalentCast on September the 4th.
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