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Edition: Friday, 13 October 2017
Duration: 01:00:59
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Music: Martin van de Vrugt - Across this sea, Snippet - Middle class ways, Ned Gale - Hometown, Randy Moore - Goin back to Texas, Angie Arsenault - Shattered windows, Ophelia Syndrome - Not tonight, Howling Owl - Bite me, The Symptoms - Capsize, Clive Barratt - Dance the night away, Sarah's Blue Dress - Monsters in my head, Christer Holm - Alnitak, Kattern - I believe that much unseen is also here, Instead of Ink - Ephemeral existence, Son of Theia - Lighthouse, GoLian - He love me...don't he?

I think I have managed to make an attractive playlist for you this week, with a mix of very different genres.

There are no doubts about our Song of the Week winner for this week, because almost all votes went to the same country/Americana song. You will also hear a TalentCast newcomer (a folk pop singer-songwriter from Denmark) and some new songs by our existing musicians.

I will start the programme close to home, with a Dutch singer-songwriter. In you are in the Netherlands at the moment: This Sunday (the 15th) he will perform in his hometown.
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