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Edition: Friday, 17 February 2017
Duration: 01:01:16
File size: 112.2 MB
Music: Aly Cook - No phone, no mail, no internet, Crosseyed Miles - Atrophy, Jeff Hayman - Bulletproof, ElectroMush - Dandini dastana, Snippet - Misplaced youth, Angie Arsenault - Sorry, Curfew - Dangerous game, Monikker ft. MidW3stBruhh & Tosin Awofeso - The takeover, Ben B the Brave - Kuva ku isi, Julie Lamb - Ordinary days, Kattern - Digital western, Leaving Richmond - Life on other planets, Christer Holm - The Nebulas of Proxima, Disco (formerly Neale 'Disco' Brown) - Natumaini

I made a relaxed programme for you this week, with country, singers-songwriters, electronica, rap and some instrumental tracks at the end.

A newcomer from Rwanda joined TalentCast last week, but I will start with something else. An independent country artist from the same continent where I started the programme last week, New Zealand.
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