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Edition: Friday, 15 September 2017
Duration: 01:01:52
File size: 113.3 MB
Music: Feñez - Cocavi, Saint Nicholas Orchestra (Orkiestra św. Mikołaja) - Wyrządzaj się, Kailyarders - Where the wIldflowers grow, Julie Lamb - Bit of quality time, Lital Yohay - Went to Mars, Franka De Mille - So long, Chabliz - Imitating angels, The Crocked Monsieurs - Pictures of you (2016 release), Phillip Foxley ft. vocalist Deri - It's up to us! (rock version), Moscato - Sugar daddy, Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band - Awake, Hackmonocut - Homeland, Neon Legion - Twin, Nemesea - Get out, World5 - Because of you

It is strange that some artists join TalentCast and then never upload their music. Just one new solo musician has sent a track at the moment of the recording. You will hear him later on in the programme.

This week I will start with some folky tunes, then I will play some varied genres, and the last part of the programme/podcast is as usual reserved for some rock music.

Dutch listeners: If you like to meet me, Catself and Chabliz this Sunday, tune in.

The first folky tune I will play is from Chile.
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