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Edition: Friday, 24 March 2017
Duration: 00:56:26
File size: 103.3 MB
Music: Arda & The Stolen Moon - Crazy bridge, Gayle Skidmore - Barrel, trigger, gun, Ophelia Syndrome - Bait and switch, Jake Aldridge featuring Lisa Ambrose - Fireman, Derk Jickface - Itty bitty ditty, New Nobility - Paradise, Alex Ganassini - Virtual love, Aly Cook - Western line, Goofy Cow - Give it up, Terra Nova - Come alive, Firesphere - Tonight, Coreign - Demons, Samuli.T.Mäkelä - Reflections

Today in the programme: Two TalentCast newcomers, some new songs we received from our artists, some news about upcoming events and of course our new Song of the Week winner. Last week's voting brought us a clear winner for this week, a country musician from New Zealand and soon also a TV host on Kiwi Country TV.

Releasing music on vinyl is hot nowadays. This weekend the postman brought me a parcel with an LP in it. Today’s first song comes from that LP.

Some good news for the people who prefer to download our podcast: Since this week we have a faster internet connection. From now on you can download TalentCast almost three times faster than before.
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