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Edition: Friday, 21 September 2018
Duration: 01:03:46
File size: 116.8 MB
Music: Greta Gaines - Tumbleweed, Arda & The Stolen Moon - You're not you lately, Aly Cook - Ruby Jean, Norm Brunet - Can't stop thinking, This Flight Tonight - Never after, Shjazz - Did you ever think, Chabliz - The swing, June Caravel - On the other side of the ocean, Ill!noiz - московское время (Moscow time), The Symptoms - Viper face, ElectroMush - Die Gedanken sind frei, DieselKass - Au noir, Thom Lourim - Only believe, Jürgen Joherl - Norah, Christer Holm - Comet 67P

This week I planned a programme with many different music styles and mostly relaxing music.

Not so many listeners came to vote during the last voting round, but the voting gained a new winner, a jazz band from my hometown Groningen which I played for the first time last week.

First song in the programme is by a singer-songwriter from Nashville. The last song is by an electronic music composer from Finland.
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