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Edition: Friday, 12 January 2018
Duration: 01:02:02
File size: 113.6 MB
Music: ElectroMush - The bird's courting song, June Caravel - Do you wanna dance, JoosTVD - Roll into a ball, Aly Cook - Laughing in silence, Writersday - Who can tell us now, Angie Arsenault - Ne pleure pas, Sylvain Moraillon - Errances, El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila - My truth, DieselKass - Au noir, 180ยบ Virvar - Mystics, Instead of Ink - Silent waltz, Fuji Kureta - Lucid dreams, Leaving Richmond - Reach out for a moment, for eternity (Don't let go mix), Christer Holm - Delta Cephei, The Ritz Club - Fake laughs

This week I want to bring you a very relaxed programme with not too much talking. Only the first song is a bit uptempo. It's a danceable song by a multicultural project from Ukraine.

Last week's voting brought us very many votes, so every musician who entered this week's top 3 is a winner in my opinion.

Enjoy the beautiful music. After listening you are totally relaxed.