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Edition: Friday, 08 December 2017
Duration: 01:01:06
File size: 111.9 MB
Music: Julia Marcell - Ministerstwo mojej glowy, El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila - Old black lady, Benny Mayhem - Farewell (I'm not coming home), CATSELF - The missing song, Kalika - My sweet monk grandad, Emma Black - Bad girl, Daniel Roure - Le temps d'un jazz, Amanda Campbell and Kevin T. Williams - Picking up the pieces, The Flowered Gnomes - All bark, no bite, John Pagano Band - Make you shout, Rock City Seven - November, Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society - Truth, consequences & me, Hackmonocut - The ripper, Ac(e) G - Black magic, Kontrust - Play with fire

This week’s TalentCast is divided in two parts. Until the Song of the Week, I will play relaxed music in varied genres. After the Song of the Week, I will play rock music.

One of the rock songs is by a solo musician from Austria who I will be playing for the first time. Another song is recorded in my living room. I will start with something else, a song in the Polish language.
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