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Edition: Friday, 27 March 2015

Duration: 01:05:04

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Only independent music
Music: 180º Virvar - Decay, Snippet - Misplaced youth, Allyson Ezell - Landmine, Angie Arsenault - Again & again, Amycanbe - Truth be told, Laïxa - Laissez moi seule, Ellie Williams - Glow, NIKA - Rainbow, Donna K - Paper walls, Lowland Flies - Hope of humanity, The Pop Junkies - Interstate, Alexx Calise - Out of sight, Alphakraft Communications - You are you and not any other

We have a lot of music in today’s program, not because of the number of songs, but because of their length.

The first song is from a country where the happiest people of the world live. Tune in to hear which country that is.
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