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Edition: Friday, 7 December 2018
Duration: 01:08:22
File size: 125.2 MB
Music: Shjazz - Speak low (live recording), Suzanne Aurore - L'├ętoile endormie dans tes yeux, Julie Lamb - Why do I forget, Merlot Embargo - Let the light in, CATSELF - Christmas angel's song, Mysti Mayhem - Boxcars and wine, Tassos Sotirakis - Mona Lisa, Lori Greco - Tu lo sai, TuneConcept - M.direction, Trinity Yard - Omnipresent, Thom Lourim - Ukuthula, Rui-gen - Victoria amour, Hackmonocut - Homeland, Ronn van Etten - Fear, The Forevers - Say goodbye

Our regular listeners might have noticed that for a long time just a few new artists and bands have joined TalentCast. Although our independent music podcast attracts still quite many listeners via podcast websites, our website is hidden away in search engines, which is the main reason why many artists and bands don't discover our project. Because of this I have decided to pause the weekly podcasts for a while, until I have fixed this issue.

I still have some very nice tunes in the TalentCast archive and some new tracks which were sent by our artist members. You will hear some of these today. Among them are 2 Christmas songs, because within 3 weeks it's Christmas already. 2018 has gone very fast.

Because this is the last podcast for the upcoming time, there is no voting, so relax and just enjoy the music.

I will start in my home town Groningen with a jazz band which joined TalentCast last autumn.

TalentCast will be back in the new year.

I wish you a merry Christmas and of course a happy, healthy and musical 2019.
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