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Edition: Friday, 20 April 2018
Duration: 01:00:01
File size: 109.9 MB
Music: Merlot Embargo - How to survive an apocalypse, Gabby Young & Other Animals - I've improved, Kalika - Love is ..., The Crocked Monsieurs - Alberto & Calida, Magnolian - Etiquette, Tidanomiyuki - Waltz for Stew, Alex Highton - Little rocks, Slinky & P'tit Loup - Movin' on, Kailyarders - The black well, Infinitus Mortus - Dreams deferred, Party Of The Sin - My head, Pure Dead Brilliant - Wanna be free, This Awkward Moment - Sovereign entity, LG Frank - HZ

This week I made the programme a bit for myself because there are quite a few songs on the playlist I especially enjoy. Most of the programme will be filled with relaxed music. Towards the end I will play some rock.

Three songs gathered quite some votes during last week's voting, and a symphonic metal project from New Jersey gathered the most. In about 35 minutes your will hear which songs entered TalentCast's top 3 this week.

I really enjoy the first song. It is from Los Angeles, by the duo of Scarlet and Geoff - Merlot Embargo.
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