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Paul Golian
After over 30 years absence from the music industry, the former keyboard and guitarist from the popular 70's Canadian touring progressive rock band "Theatre of Life", Paul Golian returns with a unique style of warm genre and era blending of folk, country, alternative and rock in his return EP "Who We Are". Stay tuned……...

"Welcome back home Paul!"
Remerge Band
Please go to Remerge Bands website read up about these two talented ladies!!!

Drop them a line. Get on their mailing list. Find out where they are playing. Find out how to get some of their music.
Richard Lynch
You’d be hard-pressed to find a musician as authentic as Richard Lynch, whose traditional country music fully embodies his hay-raising, farm-dwelling lifestyle. An all-American, blue collar country man, Lynch has poured his heart and soul into the countless chart-topping hits he and his band have produced. His music is 100% real country, evoking some of the great classics who influenced him, like Keith Whitley. Conway Twitty, and George Strait. For three decades and counting, Lynch has written, sung, and performed his songs with passion and dedication, building himself up into an independent country music sensation. While his musical roots are grounded in pure country, his songs also showcase elements of western swing, honky tonk and outlaw country. 

Living the life he sings about is what gives Richard Lynch the edge as a singer/songwriter. Richard is a hard working, personification of pure country. He is a designer and builder of amazing barns, and as should be expected, he is an American farmer. His everyday life and paying his musical dues by performing at 100's of events & shows a year, all across the country, is that which shaped him into a one-of-a-kind performer. Richard's style is true and it carries into his live shows. Much like his music alone, a live performance of the Richard Lynch Band is something you feel. It's something you carry with you when you walk away. If country music is a gift that sustains in our lives wherever we go, Richard Lynch is the messenger.

Lynch, based in Waynesville, Ohio, released his first full-length album, The Last of A Dying Breed, in 2013, and was nominated as Best Male Country Artist by the Independent Country Music Association in 2014. His most recent album is, a 12-track production that garnered critical acclaim, particularly for its first single and title track “ A Better Place”. The Lynch album was named the Pure Country Album of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists, while Lynch was declared Humanitarian of the Year, and his band named the Traditional Country Band of the Year at the 2015 Josie Awards. A Better Place was produced by renowned songwriter Billy Yates, and features the work of several talented musicians who have previously worked with artists including Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, and Reba McEntire.

Recently Richard recorded a duet with country star Ronnie McDowell. The single, “Love Tattoo” is a moving tribute to our military veterans. The song is set was released to rave reviews in January, 2017. Richard has just completed his third studio album which is set to release in early 2017. The album is pure country and features a duet with Rhonda Vincent. "Mending Fences" is sure to create a buzz with country music fans.Richard is also hosting his own radio show, “Traditionally Lynch” which airs weekly on Renegade Radio, Nashville. 

Backed by a group of hand selected country musicians, the Richard Lynch Band performs a wide variety of music. Perfect for the true traditionalist longing for the emotions of three cords and the truth wrapped in the soul of a steel guitar or fans seeking hard driving honky tonk, a Richard Lynch performance will surely warm your country soul.
Rosa Sky
Rosa Sky is authentic music. Passionate music – somewhere between folk, blues, country and pop and americana. Singer/songwriter Nicole Schouten and guitarist/songwriter Ben Jasink started Rosa Sky in 2007, creating their songs at home at the kitchen table. Both have been musicians for years and originally played in several bands in the punk and rock-scene. Soon more musicians joined Rosa Sky: Henk Mellema (acoustic bass) and Rene Holthuis (acoustic guitar and lapsteel). Nicole is a singer/performer and had a career in Storytelling. A beautiful version of the song Sweet Surrender has been recorded with the Senegalese singer/songwriter Thierno Barry. The second CD All Around Us has been released Oktober 2011. It contains 13 tracks recorded in a live setting. 

In 2014 Marleen Santen joined the band as the new female drummer. Rosa Sky will be recording some new electric songs in the end of 2014, stay tuned!

Slinky & P'tit Loup
this is the official website of Slinky & P'tit Loup
SoundCell is an instrumental pop project with a focus - chillout, downtempo, electronic - and was founded in January 2008.

In music, there is the concept of the "one man band". This is the accurate description for SoundCell. As a composer, arranger and producer, DIETMAR ZIER created this autobiographical project. No wonder the music is absolutely authentic.

The 1st single "Nightflight" was released in February 2009. In March 2009 the 2nd single "Loneliness" / "Farewell" followed. The 1st album "On My Way" came out in November 2009.

In 2016 a new single is planned: "Magic Touch", followed by the new album "Labyrinth". There won´t be any Live Performances in the future. It´s a pure Studio Project.
My website is an easy to navigate place for my fans to appreciate my music and what my brand is really about. My E-mail is linked to my site so I will get all fan mail sent to me. It is important to me that I stay in contact with my fans so they truly know how important they are to me. 
Official Website for Modern Rock/Pop Artist, SPiN
Steve Andrews
Besides my songs and songwriting, I am an author, journalist and freelance writer. I specialise in writing about nature and gardening, and am available for hire. I have two books on herbs published by Moon Books and have written for many publications, including Huffington Post, Big Issue, Kindred Spirit, Celtic Life International, Welsh Coastal Life, Bee Culture: The Magazine of American Beekeeping and Mediterranean Gardening and Outdoor Living, as well as the Tenerife News and Tenerife Weekly newspapers. 
The Crocked Monsieurs
Check out our website for all the latest news, about our first album to be released later this year, On our site you can watch the videos of our first two singles, hope you enjoy them

The Imaginary Suitcase
The Imaginary Suitcase is the one in which Belgian singer-songwriter Laurent Leemans keeps his dead or barely breathing illusions and the cherished memories of fantasized lives.

Laurent used to be the singer of folk-rock outfit Ceilí Moss from 1996 to 2015 and of arty-new wave band La Vierge du Chancelier Rolin in the nineties. This solo project started in 2012, when the desire to breathe life into some Ceilí Moss leftovers grew stronger than the fear of becoming the zillionth crashing bore who whines his small time existentialism over two and a half chords.

What to expect ? A bittersweet mixture of passion, sincerity, melancholy and dark energy carried along (not always) crystal clear melodies by a strong, low, versatile and powerful voice, that will as easily caress, tickle or scratch, deceptively simple guitar chords and often sarcastic lyrics that deal with life, death and the scary bits in between.

Comparison is not reason, but it helps to know where we’re going, so let’s go : if you’re a fan of 16 Horsepower/Wovenhand, Nick Cave (before he became boring), Suzanne Vega, Rowland S. Howard, Leonard Cohen, Hugo Race, Paul Roland, Joseph Arthur or David Sylvian, there is a fair chance you will enjoy travelling in this suitcase.

Between 2012 and 2014, The Imaginary Suitcase released 6 recordings and played a hundredsomething gigs in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. If 2014-2015 has largely been devoted to the 20th anniversary/farewell tour of Ceilí Moss, Laurent is back on track and has summoned some guests to work on new songs that will result in an album (fake blood from real wounds) to be released on October 1st 2015.
the Koniac Net
The debut album, "One Last Monsoon," was written & performed entirely by songwriter David Abraham, and primarily recorded in his bedroom - an apt environment for an album, which essentially sounds like a love letter to the Indie & Alternative genres, as well as the artists/bands that allow these genres to thrive.

A few that come to mind: the Stills, Matt Pond, Swervedriver, Toadies. The debut album from The Koniac Net, in many ways, pays tribute to these artists, but at the same time breathes new life into the Indie genre. "One Last Monsoon"' is for all intent and purposes a mixed tape for the Indie music fan; a goodie bag in which the listener is rewarded each time they choose to reach in for something familiar but new.

Tracks from "One Last Monsoon" have already gained airplay in the U.S., U.K., France, Morocco, Australia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Canada, Hungary, and Greece (with more on the way!). After receiving numerous requests to tour internationally, in June of 2012, the Koniac Net transformed from a one-man-project to a 5-piece band.






The SOME x 6 Band
The SOME x 6 Band ( sometimes six ) was officially born during the summer of 2002 at Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver BC Canada Brad Curtis and some friends had just finished playing a Senior Men's Baseball game at the historic Nat Bailey Stadium on a hot July afternoon, and were sitting back talking after the game. They soon realized they all shared a passion for playing music. Thus began the journey that today we call The SOME x 6 Band.

In the early years the band was influenced by artists such as The Doors, Jimi Hendrix , Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Robin Trower and BB King, but the biggest influence on early SOME x 6 was Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Since it's creation, founding member Brad Curtis has played with a variety of excellent musicians, each helping shape the sound we now know as The SOME x 6 Band.

Presently, Brad has surrounded himself with very capable players in Bart Dwyer Murray McLaughlan and Gordon Cole on Guitarists and Dave Holden on drums.

The SOME x 6 Band released it's latest CD on August 31 2012 called "The Hoodoo Shake" It is receiving airplay in Australia , UK, USA, Croatia, New Zealand, Cyprus (Yes Cyprus), Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and of course Canada.

The SOME x 6 Band truly plays music because they love to, and continue to play live throughout the lower mainland area.

Since 2002, founding member, songwriter, vocalist and bassist Brad Curtis has played with a variety of excellent musicians, each helping shape the sound we now know as The SOME x 6 Band
The Symptoms
We are the Symptoms from Hexham, UK. Our youtube channel has many videos that we hope will make you smile. 
Music composed and produced by Johan Rajala

artist name TuneConcept.

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