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KEPLER Junction
From the lower south side of Plymouth (accent optional) a duo called Kepler Junction emerge.

A Band of brothers... well, two actually, and not brothers either, they make a lot of noise... guitars (some meaningful solos) bass (hits the spot) drums (strong and steady) keys (haunting, yet emotional) and vocals (great vocals and harmonies well thought out lyrics). On the whole a full-powered unit capable for delivering catchy rock (dare I say pop) songs of the highest calibre.

They have a desire to make music.

After travelling to Kepler Junction, via Nepalese temples learning the ancient ways we decide to cooperate again, live in the Cave (head torches optional) work as if there’s no tomorrow and this is what happens...

Putting the tunes into the machine, producing a mixture of tones and tempo’s to provide the listener with songs full of hooks which draw you in and provide a soundtrack for wherever it fits.
Official Kontrust-Website
Lady Citizen
Bio:Lady Citizen

Straight out of the Kyoto dance scene emerges the much sought after talents of lady Citizen, AKA Jun Fukanaga.

At the age of 18 Jun received an acid house compilation CD, inspiring a love for club techno and sparking a talent for DJing around his local scene in Kyoto, Japan.

After getting ahold of some music making gadgets, Jun produced a number of tracks under several different guises and collaborations before moving to Australia in 2005.

After getting invloved in the electro scene in Melbourne, Australia, Lady Citizen was born as Jun’s DJing prowess became ever more popular around the local club scene playing a variety of club styles from Funky house to UK breaks. With this mish-mash of different techno styles Lady Citizen started to produce a truly unique sound, gathering elements from all styles of dance music.

Gaining remix projects far and wide from both sides of the atlantic for producers and artists such as Kap10kurt. Lady Citizen has become hot property both as a producer and DJ.
leaving richmond
leaving richmond is ambient, electronic, instrumental music project of Los Angeles based producer, Jordan Pier.

New tracks and news generally appear on
Lee-Leet is an independent singer-songwriter who plays the piano since she was 7 years old. She released her self-produced debut album "State of Emergency" in December 2009 with 10 songs. The full album is available at or at and

"This album is hard to classify as it doesn't follow any trends or fashions. It doesn't try to fit into the current "hot sells" category either. No, Lee-Leet sang and played what she felt and what she wanted. We keep our fingers crossed! It looks like a great beginning" - said Grzegorz Zembrowski, a music journalist at the leading Polish nationwide radio station (PR 3).

Lee-Leet is an entirely independent artist on the Polish music scene and this is by no means her only differentiator. Her album "State of Emergency" quickly gathered interest of the radio listeners despite no promotional efforts. It were the listeners who started sending emails to Lee-Leet's website congratulating her on the album. She didn't expect that the one and only radio station where she dropped off her brand new CD on the way from work would just start, well, to play it... But Lee-Leet is in no hurry to enter the so called "main stream". She enjoys her independence and the freedom to experiment. Her melodious songs stay on the mind. Some say they are addictive. Lee-Leet's music is distinct and highly emotional. Lee-Leet is an example that entirely independent and artist self-driven music productions can successfully take off the ground. She is currently working on her second album.
Lil TaRus
Lil TaRus, born April 20, 1990, is a self-made artist born and raised in Houston Texas. His origin of North Houston has provided him with the Drive and Passion for showing the world what H-Town has to offer! Whether it was his time in Acres Homes, Greens point or Cypress, Lil TaRus has been all over and experienced a lot. His life has been the driving force behind his music even at the early age of 3 when he became interested in music.  Music has been a part of his life for 20+ years, Writing, Producing and Recording his first song at age 8 and recording his first major studio single at 17. Raised by a single mother, Lil TaRus draws inspiration from his family and the everyday trials and tribulations he has been through. Growing up around the Music Industry watching his uncle Tay and Houston Native Slim Thug, who was like an uncle to him, Lil TaRus has experienced the changes of the Hip-Hop & Rap Industry pushing him to stay to his old school, authentic style including new style techniques. Just being around artists gave him the inspiration he needed to jump into his music head first, including Open Mic Nights with Wickett Crickett. Lil TaRus has always had the Passion, Dedication, and Determination to make something of his self and help those around him. He created his first company, Royal Prodigy Entertainment which handles his Photography and Cinematography. Knowing all sides of the Industry is a vital part of being successful so education is key. He is currently working on his first full studio album which is set to be released early 2k17. No matter the outcome of his dreams, Lil TaRus prides himself on staying humble and remembering where he came from, with that failure isn't an option.
Blog about Sellaband with focus on my "hatchet day" parts movements in artists
Martin van de Vrugt
Official website of the award winning Dutch singer/songwriter and producer Martin van de Vrugt.

Full Albums can be found and downloaded on:
Merlot Embargo
Our website is the hub for all things Merlot Embargo!  Links to Social Media, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, YouTube Channel, etc etc etc!  Plus some cool pics and tidbits that don't exist anywhere else on the web.  
A creative explosion of soft rhythms and suggestive sound. Smoothly blending several electronic, downtempo and chillout genres, Moarn turns them into a new experience, letting his artistic voice shine through. The musical offering is enriched by the intimate voices of young music artists. The listener is taken on a dreamy and mysterious trip through urban settings and exotic climates. 
Follow Monikker's Bandcamp & get free downloads, read the hip-hop blog, & more.
Band page on showing off tracks from the first Mortice album "MAYHEM" featuring Billy Rankin (ex Nazareth) & Bernie Shaw (Uriah Heep). Also showing off some new tracks for the new album.
We originally formed with a sole purpose in mind. What started out as a regular jam session between Jo and Monkey (Adrian) inspired Jo to take the next step and record, not only for herself but with the determination to put together a compilation album of local musicians which would raise awareness for Auto Immune Disorders having all proceeds go to Arthritis QLD.

In the early stages Jo and Erin crossed paths and it was believed a saxophone would compliment the jamming duo. This was the birth of not only “Moscato” but of 3 beautiful friendships that we feel blessed to have.

Within 13 weeks of our 1st rehearsal we completed our 1st of what will be many recording.

These Original songs were placed alongside Original pieces written and performed by some of the most unique and talented musicians Mackay has to offer, all with one goal in mind, to raise awareness with an album title of “Broken Silence”.

As we drove the gruelling 10+hour trip back to our hometown we were in awe of what we had achieved in such a short period. The common travellers question of “Are we there yet?” was replaced by “Wow, did that really just happen? “.

Now knowing what could be accomplished our minds were filled with possibilities and we were eager to work on our next E.P. A decision was made to record in 6 months with Erin relieving Jo of lead vocals whose lungs (due to auto immune disorders) were not strong enough.


With each finished EP our confidence and creativity grows, it only seemed fitting that we expand our much loved trio. In October 2014 we met Kerin Shaw who has played in various rock bands throughout his life, it was certain that it was in the stars as his can do/give anything a go/ laid back attitude was much like our own, not to mention his unique style of bass playing complimented what we had already accomplished. In November 2014 we also welcomed Kristen Anderson who would join Erin as lead vocalist. As we work on our next EP the two girls prove unlike any other females as they end each song with a high five working as what we believe is an unstoppable vocal team. With Kristen's background being Country and Theater she really brings something different to the table, and with all our minds combined we feel we are finding our feet as to where our path now leads and we are really excited to record this next EP soon after in July so we can share it with you all. Erin has left to pursue other Avenues but we will also enjoy the Talents of Kaz accompanying Kristen on Vocals and Bringing ,Cello,Sax and Keys, Just Pup, Lead guitar , and Laka on Drums joining us on our "Adrift " EP, We know our music is not everyone's cup of tea, but this is us, this is who we are and this is what we love doing. Whether this disc makes you smile, want to relax, want to dance or take a step back to notice what is going on in the world even for a second then it has all been more than worth it,, and even if it doesn’t have this effect … we will just keep on recording and releasing because it’s what we love.

This is us, we are “Moscato” and we thank you from the very bottom of our heart for allowing us to share with you our music.

We hope you enjoy it!!


Jo, Kerin, Kristen, Kaz, Just Pup, Laka , Monkey and Previously, Erin,
Ophelia Syndrome
The official Ophelia Syndrome website with all the latest OS news, updates, shows, pictures, videos, and more!
Orquesta Arrecife
Founded in 2011 by the author of El viaje de Antonio, Orquesta Arrecife tours around polygons and parking lots of empty shopping centers.