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Firesphere is a dynamic industrial rock/metal band combining techno and epic cinematic soundtrack to create a totally different and unique sound (listen to the music).

Fireshphere was created and is fronted by the enigmatic dark PRIEST and the equally dark and hypnotizing Japanese beauty ROSEMARY BUTTERFLY. Joined by BLACKSMITH (guitar), ROADBLOCK (guitar), PROPH8T (bass) and MASON (drums), together they bring a dark ageless quality to their music and live show (listen to the music). Based on the Japanese model of big music and big visuals (ala X Japan, Hyde), the listener will not soon forget the well crafted and moving songs of Firesphere nor will they easily forget the intensity of a live performance.

Firesphere will capture you in their dark cold embrace and hold you there forever (listen to the music).
Franka De Mille
Her rootsy, lyrical chamber-folk, devastating vocals and refined arrangements deserve full ordination on the Radio 2’s Ken Bruce playlist” ★★★★ MOJO

Franka De Mille is a London singer, songwriter and composer. Her debut album ‘Bridge The Roads’ has already received critical acclaim and extensive airplay all over the world.

Emotionally raw, original with sophisticated arrangements, Franka De Mille’s music has an elegant blend of americana, chamber music and alternative folk. Franka’s focus on strong melodies underline the powerful emotional charge of her unique voice and deeply personal lyrics.

Her deliberate use of violin, cello, accordion, mandolin and flute as ‘second voices’ add an awesome depth to her compositions. From the harrowing experience documented in ‘So Long’, to the mourning of her father in ‘Birds’ and the poignant confession to her sister in ‘Gare du Nord’, she bravely reveals her deepest emotions, and yet, through the messages of hope in ‘You’ll Never Know’ and ‘Come on’ her strength in adversity transcends toward the ultimate redemption song, ‘Bridge the Roads’.

Although she has been compared to Patti Smith, Tori Amos, Kate Bush and PJ Harvey, the only real comparison with them is a shared creative clarity in the expression of their music. Franka remains uncompromisingly herself, both musically and vocally.

She is the first, and only, independent artist to be selected for the British Phonographic Industry’s ‘Why Music Matters’ campaign (alongside Nina Simone, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Louie Armstrong, John Martyn, Nick Cave….)

Her touring band features some of the best musicians from across Europe, led by musical director and guitarist Kevin Armstrong (who works with David Bowie, Brian Eno, Paul McCartney, Sinead O’Connor, Morrissey, Iggy Pop…and many more!) and features Antonia Pagulatos (Damon Albarn, Gorillaz, Tom jones, Bobby Womack, Ravi Shankar, Marianne Faithful, Lou Rhodes. ..)
Gayle Skidmore
Gayle Skidmore Official Site
Waltz Noir

Dark and feral songs full of irony and social criticism tell of love, murder and failed politics.

Facebook :

Youtube :
In few words, IdiotHead is the new incarnation of CO.IN., a pretty well known and a bit infamous, alternative, Polish band. IH are: d' - the founder and producer of CO.IN. and Bipolar Bears (among others), Sylwia Kamińska and Raf Zaremba - CO.IN. members since 2005 and Patryk Mrozinski.

IdiotHead is and always will be ahead of the curve. Even if that costs them money,

recognition or airtime, they will defy your expectations, they will confuse you, they will produce their music however they want and proudly fail to fit inside your mental shapesorter toy.


Because their music lives and therefore has it's own identity.

"Free Market Music" EP available for free download @
The first Spaniard to release an English R&B album worldwide!
Jana G.
"So what if I’m shy." That is the mantra that Chicago pop singer Jana G. adheres to. In an age where more artists are gaining recognition for their ability to shock more than to sing, Jana G. tells it like it is. She's an accomplished songwriter who stands by her convictions.

With complete belief in her music, producer Vince Lawrence, a private investor, and Jana's day-job boss, helped back the first recordings. A video was made for "Sleepin' which sets the stage for a party, but is really about love lost. Her music is the theme song for every girl in control. In Jana's second video for "Open Up" fans get a glimpse of what goes on behind doors when Jana goes home at night. Jana knows what guys talk about.

Jana released her first EP titled "I AM JANA," showcasing her pure vocal strength, melodic range and emotional vulnerability. “I’m pretty demure in person, but I have no reservations expressing myself through my songwriting and onstage.

Jana is currently recording her second EP "Mixed Signals." The title track will be released August 13, 2013.
Jeff Hayman
Website for the Dutch based, Australian singer/songwriter "Jeff Hayman". Music, photos, updates and more!
Johnno Casson
Johnno Casson makes warm ,heartfelt, & poetic music.

With songs taken from a life of experience & sounds drawn from an acoustic heart with a restless other worldly spirit, Johnno makes unique music that's hard to put in a box & even harder to forget.

Based in Colchester,Essex Johnno may be also known to you as the establish artist Snippet, the funky folky wonky pop multi instrumentalist, who has delivered an extremely well received range of vibrant releases in the last few years in the shape of 4 e.p's and the debut album ‘Slowly slowly catchee monkey’. In the process Snippet became the most played artist in the history of BBC Introducing and was described by Q Magazine as “reminiscent of early Beck”.

Whilst preparing for a run of Snippet live shows, Johnno found time to write an album's worth of new songs with a new acoustically minded sound and decided to release this under his real name of Johnno Casson.

Johnno's songwriting ability just seems to go from strength to strength with an innate ability to deliver powerful, intelligent and infectious songs and he has a a rich and expressive voice to deliver his songs.

"An album of stripped down,laid-back songs of heartfelt intensity-Iconic" Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

"There's something about this album-it's a real treasure"

Sue Marchant BBC Cambridge

Whilst he's probably still better known for his Snippet persona, that could all be about to change for Colchester based singer-songwriter, Johnno Casson on the back of his debut album, "Window Shopping" is like this and there's real poetry on those journeys" Fatea

"Stand by: the improbable satisfaction that comes from little victories fills Johnno Casson’s delicate, quirky album, Window Shopping.As honest a collection of songs as you’ll ever find, and forged with a lot of love, Window Shopping represents another decent effort from a genuinely entertaining artist" Silent Radio

"A rich tapestry,An East End Brian Wilson on a budget, full of orchestral touches and multiple melodies and harmonies" Americana UK

“Like a grown up, mature, new narrative of Squeeze’s ‘Up the Junction’ set in East London and Colchester” Duckie
JoosTVD is a grooving funky, but also romantic soul. Selfmade, one-man's band, I've composed about 1000 songs so far..and counting. Used to play and record everything myself, but with modern technology that all changed and now I use real live played loops and combine that with jazzy playing, a touch of improvisation and bluesy rasp blue-eyed soul singing.

At first I started out as a drummer and played with a lot of bands in Holland. I found out that I could write songs too and ended up as a singer and did a lot of crazy stuff on stage to wake up the crowd. Now I record and write a lot and sometimes I miss playing these songs with a grooving band [HINT?], but on the other hand I feel very comfortable doing it all by myself. Trying to make my own mark on music.

he describes himself as a "zelfbevlekkende, narcistische, selfkickende, obsessieve, uitknijpende liedjesmaker" which loosely translates (I think) as a "self-denigrating, narcissistic, self-flagellating squeezer-out of songs" as freely translated by Mr Freshnet Tom Robinson. His song Bomb Won´t Go Off featured on his BBC6 Radio show in november 2012. (and it fellt great). Stupid Song(s) landed on his Radio6 Mixtape in november of 2013.

Various songs are now reguarly played on Croydon radio. (London). After 5 raving albumreviews by Nathan Nörgel in his online german culture magazine Wasser-Prawda, Nathan played two songs on his Radio 98eins program.

So tell me what you think of the songs. Did I just see your feet move?

Albums: Now on CD (1998) Tarts (1999) Rub Your Face In It (1999) Big Shoes To Fill (2000) Thanks For Stopping By (2000) Colour Me Black Or White (2001) He's Your Buddy (2002) That's Me With The Ball (2004) Gift Shot (2005) Volumed 10 (2007) HéJosé [2008] You Know Your Dad [2009] When The Left Foot Fits The Right One [2009] The Vanished Dutchman [2010] Orson Nietes [2011] Art Decoy The Bluebeard Boy [2012] The Balloonuing Brouhaha [2013] I Mimic Me [2014] Lightning Dutchman [2015] Open Up My Parachute [2016]
Julie Lamb
Julie Lamb performs original songs with a 12 piece band, AWESOME!

We are called the Lambinators... cos we're stuck together!

It consists of the usual Drums, Bass, Guitar, and continues with the minimum essentials (!) of 3 Backing Vocalists, Keyboards, Cello, Saxophone, Trombone and Percussion.

So much FUN, and with the energy of a 747 taking off - but with more finesse!!

I hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Aroha, Julie
Jürgen Joherl
Jürgen Joherl (aka JJ) is a freelance bassist & lately also a composer/producer of own original Instrumentals with Jazz-Funk-Latin-Pop-World flavors...check him out, as you might like this too! :-)

Listen his music & connect with him at various (social) media or just here:

You can buy his music & get also FREE DOWNLOADS here:
Katey Laurel
The Official Website of Award-winning Folk/Pop Singer/Songwriter Katey Laurel.