tKN on IRELAND's The Fluffy Noise

Our [the Koniac Net] "One Last Monsoon" album is STILL going strong!

"Anesthetic & the Withdrawal" is being featured on Dublin, IRELAND's The Fluffy Noise... in the same playlist as Primal Scream !!!!!!

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I received a message from them saying: "You sound like the The Smashing Pumpkins."

This just made my entire month of April & May.

Our live show at the HUMMING TREE

Official FB Event link for our [the Koniac Net] live show at The Humming Tree on MAY 1st:

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All of you who are in / know people in ‪#Bangalore, please do spread the word via Sharing + Inviting the event link above.

Video The Pearl by Rosa Sky

Rosa Sky
See our Video of first track of new album "White Electric Wizard

The Pearl:

Rosa Sky

tKN is SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK + interview (Manchester, England)

What a fantastic week!

We [the Koniac Net] have been featured as (MANCHESTER, ENGLAND) Play Concert's "Spotlight of the Week" !!!

+ Did an interview with them too: +

So freaking honoured.

Valley Magazine (Pennsylvania) calls tKN a masterpiece

Such a complementary & incredible article about us / The Koniac Net, from Pennsylvania's (U.S.) Valley Magazine:

** **

The title itself...!

Our countless thanks to Kimberly Stocker for the beautifully written feature.

"When Anybody Laughs" video by Annie Bacon

"When Anybody Laughs" is the first video from Annie Bacon's 2015 release Stranded Songs. Annie sings sad songs in the major key in San Francisco, California, USA along with her band the OSHEN. More here:

Chasing After You on VH1

My [the Koniac Net] music video "Chasing After You" has finally made its way onto VH1 (India)!!!

If any of you have VH1, do keep an eye & ear out for our song.

‪** ‎VH1‬ India main page: **

Clive Barratt kindly requests your daily vote in CBC's Searchlight Contest

I would like to thank everyone who taken the time to vote for me so far in CBC Radio's Searchlight Contest. Although I have no information on how I am doing as far as actual votes are concerned because CBC does not give out that information, however, great feedback from all of you suggests to me that I have a good chance to get through to Round-2.

Round-1 continues until Monday, April 13. Please vote daily for Clive Barratt's "I Miss You" in CBC Radio's national Searchlight Contest

Searchlight - The Hunt for Canada's Best New Artist on CBC Music

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tKN on KrossRoad Global Radio (Rhode Island)

My [the Koniac Net] songs"Rose Coloured Glasses" + "Chasing After You" have begun playing on brand new Rhode Island (U.S.) radio station KrossRoad Global Radio:

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Playing on THREE shows today itself (time in brackets is Indian time):

10am (6:30pm)

5pm (2:30am)

9pm (6:30am)

Happy Monday all!

My new EP (Extended Play) after many years of silence...


if you have time to kill, in the evening, when everyone is asleep...

I invite you to listen to musical illustration of the novel

"The Arrangement" by Elia Kazan.

"I'm waiting for the night to fall

I know that it will save us all

When everything's dark

Keeps us from the stark reality"

M.L. Gore (Depeche Mode)

Yours sincerely

Kattern -